Biblioscape release

Biblioscape version is now available. To get this update, please run Biblioscape and click the "Update" button under the "Home" Ribbon tab.

Bug fixes: 

3/6/2015 In the notes module, under the right side "Ref" tab, when user click the right mouse button and select "Title", note title is displayed instead of the reference title.

Change Note type


Is it possible to select more than one note and to assign to all of them another Note type?

Thank you very much

Title on reference tab

Dear Paul,

I just found out that in notes folder on "Ref"-tab, when the option "show title" is selected (via right mouse click) there is not the title of the reference displayed but the title of the note. Is this a bug (title of reference would be helpful, of course)?

And: Would it be possible to sizeable the "Year"-field?

Thank you very much


Dear Paul,

I try to trace some problems when importing my database to Biblioscape. (Perhaps in relationship with my last post "Slow database"). Perhaps you can give me some hints concerning categories. I observe that there are some problems with following category names:
1. Mai
Art-103-GG (and others similar with numbers)

My questions:
a. Are numbers to be avoid in categories?
b. Are followings special characters allowed "-", "<", ">", "Ä", "Ö", "ä" etc., also if they are the first character of a category, e.g. "Öffentlichkeit"?

Linking a folder to the Atachments folder

Dear Paul,
My PDF files (3000+) are presently located in a folder called "PDF_files" (actually the French equivalent). Many of them, but not all, have links to Endnote databases.
I wish to transfer all my Endnote databases to Biblioscape 10. How should I proceed to keep the attachments working? Once all the references have been transferred toBBS, I understand that I will be able to use Global Editing to redirect the Attachments links to my old PDF folder, and that this folder will remain unchanged. Is this correct?

Word 2013 'Biblioscape Citation' option

I'm using v. in word 2013, Windows 8 64-bit.

I managed to install the biblioscape add-in but there is no 'Biblioscape Citation' option when I right click on a reference. Is this a bug? am I doing something wrong?

I'm unable to find any information about in the forums.

Costum filters

Hello Paul,

I observe following problem: when using the pull down menu of Icon (Reference Type) there are no icons or names of reference types. The menu is there, but blanc. (When opening "COSTUM" the Dialog "Costum filter" opens and there it works fine). Same behavior can be observed for "Color" and "Attachment".

All other fields: Reference Mark [flag], Priority, Year, Authors, Title, Secondary Title, ID, Folder are working fine.

Thank you

Shoot/insert notes with formatted text

Hello Paul,

When shooting to or inserting a note into Word the formatting of text and pictures get lost. Would it be possible to send the note as it is (with all formatting and pictures)?

Thank you very much

Commentary in composition modul - yellow selection

Hello Paul,

About difference between Ctrl+V and Ctrl+Insert shortcuts for inserting

For a long time ago I noticed, that in some situations Ctrl+V and Ctrl+Insert during adding citation work differently.
If one moves to a reference field and cursor is blinking (flashing), a portion of the text can be inserted by both shortcuts (Ctrl+V and Ctrl+Insert). However if cursor isn't blinking (but the field is selected), only Ctrl+V works.
E.g., here it is possible to insert only by Ctrl+V:

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