Error Word addin.

The first time I add a reference to my Word document by dragging it from the Word add in to my document I get an error message:
"This Method or property is not available since Clipboard is empty or not available"
The reference list is not created and I get this in the document "[Bacon, 2009 #98]"
On the second or third attempt it works and reference list is created.

Notes dragged to the document is never evaluated, [Mcafee, 2006 @66 #115]

Office 2010 and Windows 7.



Dear Paul,

would it be possible to implement for Notes
a. to be able to shoot or copy notes with the title (of the note), until now only the text of the note is transfered to WORD.
b. to sort notes of one reference by drag and drop on the right pane (until now new notes are automatically behind the last one).

Thank you very much

Minimizing the window in Word 2007

Hello folks
Take pity on a newbie looking for an excape from the tyranny of EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager and the like.

I have just installed the trial version of Biblioscape and set up the add-in with Word 2007. When I start Word I get a window on my right to the Biblioscape database - I assume that is normal. However - it covers a lot of acreage for something I don't use every document, but I cannot find a way to minimise it then recall it when I DO want it.

Is there a way?


How to encrease the Authors field width

Hi friends
Recently I discovered, that the width of Authors field (256 character) sometimes is not enough large for including all authors' names. Say, the publication http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0135820 has 39 authors and requires 781 characters in Biblioscape format.
Certainly, full authors list can be entered in other fields, but to enter it into Authors field is more preferable.
Is it possible to resolve the issue?

Several citations in one footnote or endnote

How can one control this? E.g., if they are to be separated by semicolons and by some words? typical styles, like Chicago notes have them ending in full stops and there seem to be no way to control the appearance of those.

style with Endnotes and NO bibliography

How can I make one? Do not see a way to prevent Bibliography generation

Windows 10 OS

Does Biblioscape 10 work with the new Windows 10 OS?

Registration Key

I purchased a product on the 30 July 2015 and still not received any registration key.

Registration Key

I have recently purchased a licence of Biblioscape 10, and haven't as yet received a registration key to activate the purchase. The purchase was made on 30th July.

I have looked in all my emails folder for the key, but the only emails I have received to date are the receipts for the purchase, neither of which contain any identifiable registration key.

Your advice would be gratefully received.


Styles: Punctuation control

In Chicago, the title should be followed by an end-of-sentence punctuation sign. So, I use the Static Text field and put a [dot][space] in there. Works well in most cases. However, some titles end in question marks or exclamation signs, in those cases the formatted result is wrong: "Is This a Book Title?."

How can this be remedied? Might it be possible to add an option to include the Static Text field conditionally, for example after running a regex check to see the end of the previous (Title) field?


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