special characters

Is there any way to handle special characters, such as umlauts or tildes above letters in authors' names?

How to remove hidden text

I need to remove the hidden text from a formatted document.

The Biblioscape 10 manual has this:

Journal submission and hidden text

project window structure after upgrading from v8 to v10

I just upgraded from v8 to v10 (I think I started years ago with v4 or 5), and I'm confused about the project window structure. The help manual says there are 4 top level branches: Places, Folders, Collections, and Smart Collections.

My project pane looks nothing like the help manual. Instead, I have
New Categories
Places (with the proper sub units under it)
References (which contains folders of references from my converted database)

Enhancement suggestion - renew notes

When entering a new note there is a need, on occasion to access the "insert symbol". For example, accented characters.

The "insert symbol" option does not come up as a menu option on right click.

Work Around:
Must save the note.

Problem with work around:
When you save a new note it automatically closes. You then have to go to the relevant folder and open it.

Enhancements request:
1. In new notes provide menu option for "insert symbol"
2. Allow save of new not without closing the note.

thank you


bibliography formatting of journals without volume numbers


Any hint how to omit volume number in journal references that do not have volume numbers? Global omission is not desired as most journals have volume numbers, what I would like to see is conditional omission for the volume field if it is empty:

Instead of this

Mitsunobu, O., The use of diethyl azodicarboxylate and triphenylphosphine in synthesis and transformations of natural products. Synthesis 1981, , 1-28.

this one

Mitsunobu, O., The use of diethyl azodicarboxylate and triphenylphosphine in synthesis and transformations of natural products. Synthesis 1981, 1-28.

References in a collection don't update the name of the link when the name of the collection change

I have a Collection named "Por Revisar" with multiple references; then i change the name of this Collection to " Por revisar para tesis" i look into the Link tab in all the refecenes in this collection and the name of the link it's "Por Revisar" don't change to the new. Is this a commun behavior?
The references are in the collection without problems, but it's confusing and enoing have to change manually one by one.

Scanned PDF's with ABBYY FIneReader are no visibles in PDF tab

I have a problem with the PDF tab. I have many scanned PDFs with ABBYY FineReader program. These PDF files contain text behind the image. When I load a PDF in the PDF tab all goes well, recognizes the text and adds in the Rich Text tab. It is also visible in the Attachment tab. But in the PDF tab you can not be viewed. In some page is visible a dotted gray line.

Reference import problem with author names containing accented letters


I experienced a curious problem with Biblioscape 10 when I imported references with author names containing accented letters. I usually use DOI numbers to capture references (Quick Add feature) and I noted that in some cases, although the remaining fields of the reference are properly imported, the authors field contains truncated list of authors when author names contain accented letters.


Using DOI number 10.1016/j.bcp.2008.05.011 and Quick Add this reference will have the authors name in the following format:

Windows 10

The installation didn't run on Windows 10.

What can I do?

Database truncated in moving to version 10

I'm moving to a new computer and thought I'd upgrade to Biblioscape 10 in the process. I downloaded 10 and got it running in trial mode, using it to upgrade and load a copy of my database. But where my database shows 3327 entries in 8, there are only 2739 in 10 — from what I can tell, it's cut off the most recent 588 entries. Obviously, I can't live with this. I cannot see any reason for the truncation. I've tried updating a copy of the database three times and get the same result each time.

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