no meta-data added at import from pdf

I just bought the standard edition of Biblioscape, which I think has great features, running on a windows 8.1 PRO.But now I encounter problems with the importing references from pdf (add to pdf).

In the first place it is not creating a new reference when I use this function, as it is written in the manual that it should. So I created new blank references and then added from pdf. It adds the pdf to this blank reference and also extracts the rich text from the pdf. But no metadata are added.

Word - Office365

Hi Paul

I am just starting to write a series of articles and am using the BS word addin for the first time. I have Windows 10 and Office 365.
The addin has installed ok but when I open a word document there are no references loaded -- the addin displays
I have tried opening and closing BS and Word in various combinations but no change in result.
Does the addin work with Office365, if so any suggestions that I may try?

Thank you


Feature request: increased Author field size


"A Biblioscape “Authors” and “Editors” field can only take 255 characters at most. If this is not enough for a particular reference, you can put the rest of the author names in another field, for example, in the “Miscellaneous” field." - states the BS manual. I find this solution cumbersome and with the increasing cooperation among the authors, it is relatively easy to exceed the 255 characters limit for joint papers. I suggest that the length of this field should be adjusted up to, say, 1000 characters or so, if needed.


Lajos Kovács

Attachment not found

Hello Paul,
I use 'Attachment' to save the path to the journal articles I reference. Recently I moved these pdfs to my D-drive. Now Biblioscape complains that the files do not exist. In the error message I notice that the drive is ommitted. I suppose Biblioscape assumes that everything is on the C-drive? The path is otherwise correct.

Biblioscape project is questionable

Dear Biblioscape developers!
We, numerous users of Biblioscape, deeply concerned about cessation of upgrading the software since June 2015. Our interesting and topical forum is also fading.
Most of us have collected a large amount of references from corresponding areas of research and been using them for ongoing investigations, so we would like to understand perspectives of the software platform we use.
I hope, most of users will support my address.

Regards, K

The Biblioscape 10 is not compatible for High-resolution computer.

The Biblioscape 10 is not compatible for High-resolution computer.

special characters

Is there any way to handle special characters, such as umlauts or tildes above letters in authors' names?

How to remove hidden text

I need to remove the hidden text from a formatted document.

The Biblioscape 10 manual has this:

Journal submission and hidden text

project window structure after upgrading from v8 to v10

I just upgraded from v8 to v10 (I think I started years ago with v4 or 5), and I'm confused about the project window structure. The help manual says there are 4 top level branches: Places, Folders, Collections, and Smart Collections.

My project pane looks nothing like the help manual. Instead, I have
New Categories
Places (with the proper sub units under it)
References (which contains folders of references from my converted database)

Enhancement suggestion - renew notes

When entering a new note there is a need, on occasion to access the "insert symbol". For example, accented characters.

The "insert symbol" option does not come up as a menu option on right click.

Work Around:
Must save the note.

Problem with work around:
When you save a new note it automatically closes. You then have to go to the relevant folder and open it.

Enhancements request:
1. In new notes provide menu option for "insert symbol"
2. Allow save of new not without closing the note.

thank you


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