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I am presently using BS 10 with Word 2010 on a PC under Windows 7. Biblioscape automatically puts the full journal name in the bibliography while the journal requires the abbreviated name. As an old user of BS (since version 4) I have looked for the journal list to edit it, but I could not find it on the ribbon. I probably need to enter the abbreviated name as a secondary journal name in the bibliography style. But how can I access the journal list? Alternatively, could you suggest a workaround?
Best, Andre

Font size in Windows 10 on new Lenovo Yoga Laptop

When I use Biblioscape 10 with my Yoga laptop (with Windows 10) displaying on an attached external monitor (either at work or at home), Biblioscape works fine. But when I do not have an external monitor, turn on the laptop, open Biblioscape thus viewing Biblioscape on the laptop's own monitor, the default fonts are abnormally tiny and difficult to read. When I try to use the Options Change Default Font command in Bibliosapte to try to change the font, the font is not changed. All other aspects of Biblioscape appear to function normally. I don't see this happening with any other programs.

ElevateDB Error#300

Hi Paul

I was encountering an error when cutting and pasting form one note ot another.

I decided to do a "Repair Database" operation, but it would not do a repair. AS it starts I get this message:

ElevateDB Error#300 Cannot lock the table bib in teh schema Default foe exclusive access.

Any suggestions



Drag and Drop Documents

Dear Paul,

Would it be possible to implement a "drag and drop"-possibility for pdf-documents into references: When dragging a pdf on the "Links"-pane the document will be copied under attachement-folder and a link is created. That would be very helpful.

Thank you

Search by Reference Type in combintation with other fields: How?

As in the title, cannot see it in the search list.

Also, how can I search in the displayed list only?


I have not recieved by key to register.

Can I get my key to register my software to start using it. the registration server was down when I bought the software?

categories hierarchy


I like the categories module in BS but I noted one problem that can be embarrassing. When I use a parent-child relationship, in BS the requested relationship appear in a tree-like structure, e.g.


How do I register my trial version? what key code do I use?

I am trying to register my trial version to the standard version, but the registration id they have sent me is incorrect. Is this the code I use to register?

Categories - other names

Categories - other names

In the categories module under an individual category item there is an option to add an "other name". The manual indicates that this is the preferred way to add ambiguous terms. So for example the category "nursing home" could have "hostel" as an 'other name'.

When I add "hostel" to the category of notes or references should these then be returned in a category search for "nursing home"? ie I should get all the records with the category "nursing home" plus all the records with the 'other name' designation of "hostel"?

Quick add doesn't work apparantly

I just bought the standard edition of Biblioscape, which I think has great features, running on a windows 8.1 PRO. Now the quick add function doesn't wok apparantly

When I enter any author year and titlewords, the only effect is that my cursor changes for a few seconds to the 'wait cursor'. But further no results, no message ...

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