Question Concerning Compatibility

Does Biblioscape work with the latest edition of Libre Office?

Can I remove copyright in the footer?


I just installed latest version of phpbb, I would like to know if I can remove the copyright message from the footer which says powered by. Can I remove that is that allowed or its ilegall to do that?
I search in forum and google, I saw many posts where it says its okay to remove but I will be more satisfied if I get the answer here :)

Maybe the answer is here already in forum but its huge forum hard to search? Thank you.
Reference https://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2422136

How Do You Manage Duplicate

So here's my question. Suppose a user on my Support Forum can immediately get an answer to a topic they are about to create and all they have to do is search the forum. I don't want to merge their post with a topic that already exists if the topic already answers their question.

What are Some Great CPC Advertising Networks You Have Dealt With?

Please mention your experience with the network.

How much are you paying CPC?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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add media and other buttons not visible in editor

Hi, I have installed this plugin on 2 WordPress websites and neither of them show the add media and the blue power button etc in the editor windows. Screen options box is ticked.

Problem is evident in Firefox and Chrome and on 3 PC’s. All running Windows 7.

Edit link does not open the editor either.

Any ideas ?
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Make This Forum Functional!

Please!!! It used to be and can be very useful. At the moment, no meaningful conversations are possible at all as messages do not go through for weeks. Which, especially at the time of a beta, is worse than nothing.

Smart collections

I find the smart collections extremely useful for my work, but have not found a way to order, alphabetize, them, other than by hand, one by one.
Help would be appreciated

Error while exiting the application (BS 11)

After installing a new 11th version of BS, I encounter the following issue while quitting the program.
1. If the current folder is References:

BS always generates the error shown above.

2. If the current folder is not References (e.g. Categories):

BS never generates the error.

OS: Windows 10 x64

Besides, it is desirable to add the item "11.x" in the list "Versions:" on the forum topic form.

Anyone else getting this clipboard error

Clipboard Error

At times when I try to save work I get an error "Cannot open clipboard: Access denied" and then I cannot do any further things in BS.

I have created a shortcut to a procedure to clear the windows clipboard and this generally works.

However what I am trying to work out if it is related to BS or my system ... I do not experience it using any other program. I'm on Windows 10

Anyone else getting this error and if so found a resolution?



BS - Version 11 - comments

Hi Paul,

So far version 11 is working ok. I am using various features as I go rather then doing a run through all the options. So far the look and feel is pretty much the same as BS10 and I have not come across any significant changes, new features/functionalities etc which is why I posted the earlier request for any over view from you. As I come across things I will post here.


1. There has been a new feature added which enable us to clear all styles form notes. This is great, I will be using this a lot.

2. Another Great New Feature - Truncation Issue

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