Format without hidden text

How can I format a document without the option to unformat and the hidden text in v.9?

Insert Symbols

How can I insert symbols in v.9? Cannot see this item in the interface...



I just purchased the Biblioscape 9 and tried to down load it but I could not. The email address linked to the purchase is the one at the University of Texas HSC where I am on the faculty. stauffer@uthscsa.edu However I am currently doing research off campus and so the jayscottstauffer@msn.com is the email address that I need to use for this correspondence so please reply there. I need to know how to go about down loading this now, Thanks

Moving Location of Linked PDF's

I have a set of linked PDF papers in a directory which BBsc uses
I wish to move these to a new location on a new server
How do i "bulk" change this folder location? there are 200+ papers so i do not want to do it individually for each file

any help welcome

Error - Biblioscape 9 trial edition information

After making the last update, when starting the program I get the notification:
"You have 7 uses left for Biblioscape 9 trial edition. Do you want to purchase Biblioscape to turn the trial edition into a registered edition?"

The first time I started the program after doing the update notification stated that I had just 9 sessions available and so on.

Citations and Reference List are always formatted in Times New Roman font.

I am using Biblioscape and MS Word 2010. When I format my manuscript, the citations and reference list are always formatted in the Times New Roman font, even though my original document is formatted in the Calibri font. How do I make Biblioscape use the Calibri font for this purpose?

Word cannot open the formatted manuscript if an "en dash" is used in the style, such as between page numbers.

Let's say that you try to use an "en dash," instead of a hyphen, between the starting and ending page numbers of a reference, as part of a style that you are creating. (The "en dash" is a little longer than a hyphen and is commonly used for this purpose of expressing a range of pages.) Specifically, let's say that you copy the "en dash" from MS Word and paste it in the "text before the field" entry box for the "end page" template of one of the reference types of your style.

Registration: tutoring

I purchased an official educational copy and the only email message I see is the one that says I registered in the User Community. Should I download the product again? With what registration code? Where is the program installed, since it asks not to install in C: programs.

Is there a tutorial I can use?


Styles - dot points & numbers

In the notes module I set up the formatting and save as a style.

Included in the formating are dot points and number points.

When I load the style into a new note all the formating is there excetp the actual dot point and the number disappear. They not only disappear from the actual formating but when you look at "manage styles" where it usually shows a dot or a number to signifythe style -- it disappears theras well.

At the moment every time I load the style sheet into a note I have to reconfigure the dot & number point style.



Visual Interface or Shortcuts for Note Formatting

Can we please have this (used to work in previous versions!).

When writing a note, it can be very useful to make text colored, bold, etc. Standard shortcuts do not work (Ctrl + B, etc.) and it is very inconvenient to have to access text properties via right click and several steps. Both UI and shortcut access is needed.

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