Is there a way to launch a note from within the note pane under Attachment?

Under Bib 8 the Notes pane was an active tool. Not least because there was the convenient New Note button at the top of the Notes Pane, which brought up the Create Linked Note window, and then it sent you back to notes pane and your document so you put content in your note. Under Bib 9 the Notes pane seems to be for display purposes only and if I want to create a new note I seem limited to to the Ribbon and its fussy drop down. This in turn brings up a full notes window rather than returning me to the notes pane, and to get my document to paste from I have to toggle between Windows.

Categories showing in very odd fashion

Evening All

I upgraded to 9 from 8 over the weekend and am now in the process of finding my way around it. I've read with dismay that Categories now show in a non-hierarchical manner (i.e. not under their folders) in the category pane, but that is only part of my problem.

The dump (which is only how I can describe how it appears) of categories in my category pane is also:
1) not complete; some catgories only show under their parent entry and some seem not to be showing at all. What shows seems quite random.

cannot load HELP files

I have downloaded the current version of Biblioscape 9, registered it, and find that the Manual does not load. I get the following message: mk: @MSITStore:C:\Biblioscape 9\Biblioscape.chm.

Problem with editing

I have no idea what I did, and I cannot figure out how to fix it.

I am working in Biblioscape 9. I was editing records and tried to make the Year/Vol/Issue/Start/End Page column a bit wider so I could read it better. I apparently dragged the field with it and the whole line moved to become a subordinate field of Keywords. When trying to move it back, the whole thing (year et al. under Keywords) became subordinate to Abstract. There is a plus symbols to open and close all the fields underneath Abstract. When closed I cannot see the keywords or year/vol/etc.

what is new in ??


registration key

Hi, Paul --
Yesterday I upgraded from ver. 8 to ver. 9. Do you have any idea when my registration key might arrive? I am using the trial version and do not want to run out of time.

Duplicate check

Is it possible to turn off the automatic duplicate check?


Search DB Error #700

Hi Paul,

When I try to search the whole database, I get the error message "ElevateDB error #700 An error was found in the statement at line 1 and column 161 (expected expression but instead found))". I use version

Do you have any suggestion?


Create new Mark Reference


Any further improvement on locating certain category in the right category pane?

My category list is now becoming quite long, although I have grouped them into different folders.
Some category folders may still contain more than 100 categories.

I wonder is there any improved method to locate the certain category with some keyword quickly, for example a category with "cho". The sub-string "cho" may appear in the middle of the category name.
It is not convenient to use search function in the category pane, because when come back to the reference pane, it is still difficult to locate the certain category.

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