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Biblioscape version is now available. To get this update, please run Biblioscape and click the "Update" button under the "Home" Ribbon tab. 

New features: - what is new?

As in the title. Please let us know what changed since

Character confusion

If I enter a name with a diacritic, such as:
Jülich, W.

It appears wrong in the read or formatted tabs, or when exported...like this:
Jьlich, W.

This is relatively new...didn't always happen.

Other example:
Hernández Caffot
Hernбndez Caffot


Problem with in-text APA citation

Style: APA

I have a problem when I cite to multiple works by the same author in a single in-text citation using APA style in Word 2010. After inserting such a reference, when formatted using APA style, Biblioscape deletes all text after that reference. For example:

Smith, J. D. (2013). Testing out APA style citations. American Journal of Bibliography, 34, 224-241.
Smith, J. D. (1999). An article about lions. British Journal of Big Animals, 113, 769-797.

control of the default folder when importing references in Biblioscape 9

Hi everybody,

Maybe I have missed something in the help file but I was wondering whether there was a way to control the default folder in which references are imported: say I open my Biblioscape database, I import some references from the Web: is there a way to control that they are imported in a specific referenecs folder?


Fréédric Gosselin

Selecting a category from the tag pane automatically searches my references

Evening All

I open a reference in a seperate window. I select the edit tab and make some changes. I then go to the Tag pane on the rightand side and select a category. My reference window immediately turns into a search window listing every reference with the selected tag.

Now given there is no way back to the reference i was editing this means I need to shut the window, go back to my main window, re-select the reference. AT least the category selection is saved against it.

Version some mistakes

1. Today downloaded and established version I have Windows 7 rus. The program suggested to be updated at once. After updating the version became version
The file of the reference does not open. Reports about mistake existence.
Again downloaded a distribution kit. Established. Version The file of the reference opened.
It was again updated from the program to version The reference file again does not open. There is a mistake in reference updating.

Updating reference after changing folder

Hi guys,
During the last ten days I have been reclassifying my bibliography into reference folders and tagging the references with multiple categories. In my "workaround", I just move references from one folder to another and update the categories, very easy but veeeeeery boring and time consuming. Sadly, I have had multiple problems with this. I want to highlight two of then because they are very repetitive and they obviously are some issues to improve in future versions.

Date Created column when looking at references and notes

Can you pls consider having this re-added as an option when you customise the notes and references view panels?

It has always been useful when importing references especially, given you can't alwats be sure how they will show up in terms of title and author given the plethora of referencing formats. Having to troll through a list of almost a thousand references to try and find what you have just added is bloody annoying.




How do I search on Notes in Bib 9 by Reference Id? In fact can I search numbers in a Bib 9 notes field at all?

In Bib 8 I select a notes folder, go to the search pane on the right and type in the reference id, i.e. 507, in the Fast Search field. Hit enter and all notes with that number are returned to me.

In Bib 9 I select a notes folder, go to the search pane on the right and type in the reference id, i.e. 507, in the Fast Search field. Hit enter and nothing at all happens.

I know there are multiple notes that have 507 in them, I can see them if I search by Author.

I subsequently tried search years (i.e. 2012). Again no results. It appears ayt Bib 9 will not search on numbers in notes.

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