Help!! ElevateDB Error #601

I am getting ElevateDB Error #601 The table bib is corrupt (error reading header from disk)
I can't repair the database.

copy and paste

I frequently run into this problem: I copy a text string from another application, like Word or my browser, do something not copy&paste related in BS and then want to paste the string I had copied before into BS. What's actually pasted is a string related to a BS operation, e.g. from auto complete. Can this please get changed?

Categories list

In the Categories list I clicked on a category to display the tagged records. The number of records associated with this category gets set to "0" and the list of tagged records remains empty. When I change to a reference folder and run an advanced search, I also get no result for that category. However, when I look up a record which had been tagged with that category and display the tags tab, I find the category selected and the original number of associated references given.
How can I search for that category again?

New Reference / Create Duplicate

I searched for references, highlighted one reference from the search results and pressed New Reference / Create Duplicate. A new window opens. I edited the duplicate and, since there is no "save" button, closed the window. Now I can't find the reference I created based on the duplicate.
I'm using BS Since I create quite a few new references this way, I'm very eager to find them...
Thanks, Volker

Is it possible to have a format painter

In areas where we are entering content, eg notes is it possible to have a format painter included on the tool bar.

This would make life a lot, lot easier.

Thank You


Author format...

I have created a new format Style in which the Electronic Source and the Report styles use full author name format. When the author's name is a Professor, e.g., Christian S. Jensen, there is no problem, full name is rendered as is.

lookup search

In BS search / lookup seems to not work.
Thanks, Volker

Invitation for copying attaching file to attachments folder

Previous version of BS (8.XX) had an useful feature: after picking up an attachment file the application gave an invitation to copy the file into attachments folder and sometimes it was very convenient.
In general, it is not a crucial feature for BS performance, but it is very desirable to include this option into BS 9.

Any problem with inserting a reference in note module?

What is happening with search references in notes module? When I do a search by name of authors, no results are showed (just appears the references already cited in the text). Is there any problem in this version ( to - What is new?


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