Categories list

In the Categories list I clicked on a category to display the tagged records. The number of records associated with this category gets set to "0" and the list of tagged records remains empty. When I change to a reference folder and run an advanced search, I also get no result for that category. However, when I look up a record which had been tagged with that category and display the tags tab, I find the category selected and the original number of associated references given.
How can I search for that category again?

New Reference / Create Duplicate

I searched for references, highlighted one reference from the search results and pressed New Reference / Create Duplicate. A new window opens. I edited the duplicate and, since there is no "save" button, closed the window. Now I can't find the reference I created based on the duplicate.
I'm using BS Since I create quite a few new references this way, I'm very eager to find them...
Thanks, Volker

Is it possible to have a format painter

In areas where we are entering content, eg notes is it possible to have a format painter included on the tool bar.

This would make life a lot, lot easier.

Thank You


Author format...

I have created a new format Style in which the Electronic Source and the Report styles use full author name format. When the author's name is a Professor, e.g., Christian S. Jensen, there is no problem, full name is rendered as is.

lookup search

In BS search / lookup seems to not work.
Thanks, Volker

Invitation for copying attaching file to attachments folder

Previous version of BS (8.XX) had an useful feature: after picking up an attachment file the application gave an invitation to copy the file into attachments folder and sometimes it was very convenient.
In general, it is not a crucial feature for BS performance, but it is very desirable to include this option into BS 9.

Any problem with inserting a reference in note module?

What is happening with search references in notes module? When I do a search by name of authors, no results are showed (just appears the references already cited in the text). Is there any problem in this version ( to - What is new?


Import error from Web of Science

Using Biblioscape built in browser I try to import reference from Web of Science. When I click to "save to Endnote" Biblioscape try to import the reference but pop up a window saying that 0 references was imported. When I click "ok" in this window I obtain the following message "ElevateDB Error #1011 An error occurred with the value "here a big web of science url" (The value would result in truncation)". I tried to import different papers with always the same result. I obtain the same if Biblioscape try to import the reference from an outside browser.

Thanks for help

Docouments closed and corrupted: Query_journalName: Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset

I've been receiving the following error message every time I try to format a document: "Query_journalName: Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset." After I receive the message, the document disappears from Word, leaving a RTF, temp, and .doc file in the folder. Once this happens, the only way to fix things is to either reinstall Biblioscape or remove all hidden text from the document and start over with inserting references. I've lost hours of work this way. Sometimes, I'll get a paragraph of ###############s inserted into the document.

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