Formatting previous BS9 manuscripts in BS10

Hi Paul,

is version 10 available?

is version 10 available?

Removing hard returns

In the note editing screen the function to remove hard returns (comes up using right click) is very useful.

When the function is initiated it removes hard returns from the entire note. While this is great for some purposes it is inconvientient when trying to format a larger note.

Is it possible for the function to remove hard returns only from the text selected (highlighted) and not the entire note? This would greatly enhance this functions usefulness. If it is necessary to remove the hard returns from the entire note then the entire note can be selected using the ctrl+a keys,

Problem with reference capture from PubMed

Using Biblioscape integrated Web browser from a month or two ago I cannot import reference from PubMed anymore. When I click to "Display Settings" it just doesn't work. The same is with "Send to" option.

Comments not working?

When I click the “Comment” button in the “Composition” group, I get the following error message, “Query_comm: Cannot modify a read-only dataset”. The “Comm” tab is greyed out.

How do I use this function?

I am running BS9.0.9.8 on Windows 7.

How can I do a records search across multiple tags?

How can I do a records for reference (or notes) records that have a particular combination of multiple tags?

If I do a Search|Query|Advanced search with two to the search terms set to Categories and with the term fields loaded with two tags that I know occur for some reference records, the result is "< No Data to Display>".

It seems that this should work, but apparently it doesn't. Is there another way to accomplish such a search?

How can I get bib_word.dot?

The manual says that bib_word.dot should be in Biblioscape's Tools folder, but it isn't there. How can I get a copy?

Rearranging the Edit tab record items

With a record open, in the Edit tab if I drag the label of an item to a new location, it becomes one hierarchical level below the item that is newly above it. That upper item then has + or - box to show or hide the item I just moved.

This is not the action that I want; I want all items to be at the same hierarchical level. How can I do this?


Reference order in formatted document....

Hi guys,
When you write a manuscript and made a multiple reference, the desirable scenario is that the format process considers the order you have in the document, usually by year, as you see in the example:

[Candy 1995 #1417 / Montgomery 1995 #1554 / Pavlopoulos 1998 #1535 / Labbe 2002 #1641 / Freelan 2003 #1668 / Brundage 2006 ^np #1467 / Mohd. Rahim 2006 #1875]

However, in the formatted document the result is:

Brundage 2006, Candy 1995, Freelan 2003, Labbe 2002, Mohd. Rahim 2006, Montgomery 1995, Pavlopoulos 1998

exhibition catalogs

In a bibliography, exhibition catalogs should get listed unter the exhibition's title or the artist's name. However, often the artist is not the author. So,

Mary Cassatt: Modern Woman. Edited by Judith A. Barter. Chicago: Art Institute of Chicago, with Harry N. Abrams, 1998. Exhibition catalog.

should occur at "Cassatt, Mary" and not at "Mary Cassatt". Is there an easy way to achieve this?

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