Acces violation at address 009679BD in module 'Biblioscape.exe'. Write of address 00000388.

Hello. I've installed biblioscape 9 on Ubuntu 13.04 through wine. Biblioscape opens normally, I can add references, but when I try to add new notes, I had the error described in this post title.
If some one could help me, I'll be gratefull.
José Carlos

Does Biblioscape 9 run in Ubuntu?

Hello, i'd like to know if Biblioscape 9 runs in Linux OS (Ubuntu, for ex.)? Thank you.

wrong character size of ed./eds. in footnotes

I inserted temporary citations in a word document's footnotes. After formating the rtf, all looks beautiful, except "ed." always comes in a size different from the other characters in the footnote.

Project Pane

When I start BS, I would like the project pane to look the way it looked like when I closed BS the last time, i.e. certain folders closed, other folders open to reveal their internal structure. Thanks, Volker

Keyword Length in Lookup Pane

Hi Paul, how do I extend the length of keywords being displayed in the lookup pane? Right now they are cut off after 30 characters, and I need at least 40. Thanks, Volker

Quick Add does not work

I just started trying to use Quick Add. I typed in an ISBN and clicked "enter". The numbers were highlighted but nothing happened. I tried typing in the numbers without any hyphens, same result. I am using Windows 7 and the latest version of Firefox. I have fairly large library of references that I want to try to enter using the ISBN. Is it possible to use and ISBN scanner with Biblioscape?

Multiple reference list...

Hi guys,
I wonder if there exist a method to generate automatically several reference lists. When you are working on an annotated bibliography, it is desirable to classify the references by several topics and generate reference list by using this topics. I have classified my references in 17 categories, I would like to use each category to generate 17 references list independently. Each reference list must be placed at the point I decide in my document. A layout document for my question could be as follows:

Topic/Category 1

Some explanatory text and comments...

Error message after new installation: “Query _folder: Cannot modify a read-only asset.”

I recently upgraded from Biblioscape version 8 to 9. The database converted successfully but when I open Biblioscape I get the following error message:

“Query _folder: Cannot modify a read-only asset.”

If go to SEARCH --> LOOKUP --> KEYWORD I get the same error message. I also get the same message if I try to create a new reference. After this, all items in the project tab can’t be selected.

How can I resolve this problem? Thank you for your help.

Import a web page as a reference

Hello, i’d like to know if is it possible to import a web page as a reference. Ex: I want to save some news from a newspaper webpage as a new reference. If it is possible, do I have to customize an especific filter, how?
I work with a lot of information from the news papers and magazines, and I’m seeking to use Biblioscape to manage all these information.
Thank you very much,


Attachments for notes

I recently noticed, that Attachments field in Notes module works in different way in comparison to references attachment. The field does not have a button for picking up a file, and user should insert attachment to a note by hand:

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