Bibliographic information from a Meeting Abstract


Unable to get the bibliographic information for the meeting abstract. I have uploaded a meeting abstract PDF through "Add from PDF", but unable to get the bibliographic information. Please find the link below to the meeting abstract and do the needful.


Opening screen pops up continually

For some reason the opening screen with the butterfly pops up continually while working with Biblioscape. Does someone has a solution for this?


In the url field biblioscape keeps adding "http" to urls that begin with https (http://https://www....) or in urls like support.biblioscape.com (www.support....) messing up the urls.


Biblioscape mal function after update

After upgrading to version the Biblioscape crashed correctly and gives error messages constatemente different, depending on the operations that we intend to do. Some of these messages are, for example:

Access violation at address 0076DBF2 in module ‘Biblioscape.exe’. Read of address 000003E0

Access violation at address 00EEAE7C in module ‘Biblioscape.exe’. Read of address 0000000C

ElevateDB Error#601 The table bib is corrupt (The index sec_Date_modified is missing a required key)

Adelino Gonçalves

ElevateDB Error #9999

When using BS via the server, the following message pops up: Elevate DB Error #9999 Access violation at address 0C57A548 in module edbsrvr.exe. Read of address 00000000 (too many zeros). Could someone help me? Thanks. Cor

Earlier Registration Key Problems

Hello Paul, I am a long-term Biblioscape user and I cannot find my version 8 key for some unknown reason, so I'm having problems installing my version 9 upgrade. How can I resolve this? I searched my email for anything from Biblioscape, but I suspect that the registration info was actually sent to me from some third-party. Do you know who was doing your version 8 sales over the Web?

How to specify an icon for reference style

I have just added a new reference format for Vancouver. How do I slect an icon for the style so it shows up in the reference window?



Change access/permissions for a bsr database

I would like to share my references database with the rest of my R&D team but I don't want them to be able to change (mess up) my database. It is all working well on the server with a bsr file and they have full access to read and write - can I limit their write/modify access?

Bug report: Pasting key words not working V10

In BS V10:

When you start to type a key word, etc a drop down box appears so that you can select the one you want.

When you select the word from the drop down box instead of pasting the selected word into the keyword field the last contenst in the clipboard are pasted.

eg If I had cut and pasted the title of and article as the last clipboard action say "Relocation of elderly people with dementia." Then whan I select a key word, say dementia .... rather than dementia being pasted into the keyword field "Relocation of elderly people with dementia." is pasted.


Export RIS custom

When I export from biblioscape to a RIS formatted file I notice that it omits the data in custom fields.
RIS format accepts custom fields:
C1 - Custom 1
C2 - Custom 2
C3 - Custom 3
C4 - Custom 4
C5 - Custom 5
C6 - Custom 6
C7 - Custom 7
C8 - Custom 8

So I'm not sure why the export feature omits these fields. Could you please help me customize the biblioscape export feature to include all fields that are RIS compatible.

Thank you.

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