How can I add a reference quickly based on a attachment file?

For example, I get a thesis, and I want build a reference for it. Can I do it by the way?

1: dragging the thesis file into biblioscape
2: a dialog of adding References exist,and the title is filled by the name of the thesis file automatically, and the attachment is added automatically.

Couple of error messages


I have two databases (personal and at the university; BS, and have, unfortunately, problems with both.

A. The personal database:
After having opened the database, the following error messages appear. This happens often, but especially after I have copied the database to another computer or network and opened it there (network connection is too slow - that's why):
1. #6021 The table is corrupt (invalid index page number specified for retrieval from cache)
2. Access violation at address 004E029F in module "Biblioscape.exe". Read of address 00000008.

Conversion problems from 8 to 9

I did the conversion from 8 to 9 (trial version). After the conversion B gives the message Table_ini: Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset.

What is going wrong?

Henk ten Voorde

Could we have 'webpage' as a 'Reference Type' please?

I have created 'webpage' as an ad-hoc reference type, but it has no icon, which is not exactly life-threatening, but sad. If having an icon is actually useful, then presumably being icon-less would imply reduced function for such ad-hoc reference types. Most of my references are webpages, so having a 'proper' (i.e. with icon) reference type would be at least nice, and perhaps useful (I am too new to Biblioscape to be sure, however).

This raises two small questions in my mind, which I mention for your consideration.

Forcing an update of a note

I have just lost about three hours of work due to a power failure.

I was working on a note, doing my research, making corrections, updating etc. I did not notice the time and was surprised that over three hours had gone by. What brought this to my attention? An intermittent power outage.

My computer turned itself off as the power flickered off then on very quickly. Rebooted, fired up BS9 and quickly went to my note. All gone!!!!!

If this had happened in Microsoft there is a forced backup and I would have lost only five minutes (that is what I set MS backups for).

Elevate DB Error #601 The table Journal is corrupt (Invalid index page number specified for retrieval from cache)

I am experiencing an error that is similar to the one described in the Forums by tom krahn (Wed, 03/27/2013 - 13:07).

My specific error is as follows:
Elevate DB Error #601 The table Journal is corrupt (Invalid index page number specified for retrieval from cache)

Because of this error, I am unable to add a new style to the styles list. Repairing the database does not fix this error.
Please assist; thank you.

multiple problems with Biblioscape version


I have come to have multiple problems with my version of Biblioscape (I think professional): I have viewing problems (e.g. i can no longer search for references with quick search or search by keyword); I also had error messages (division by zero if I remember well) when being on the Internet in Biblioscape; and now I no longer have the Refernecs Menu when in my database.

What should I do? Is there a repair tool as in previous versions? Or should I reinstall Bibliospace? If so, are there some files to keep?

The database itself seems OK.



BibTex option


Not able to get the Import into "BibTex option" while searching the article in Google Scholar.

Bibliographic information from a Meeting Abstract


Unable to get the bibliographic information for the meeting abstract. I have uploaded a meeting abstract PDF through "Add from PDF", but unable to get the bibliographic information. Please find the link below to the meeting abstract and do the needful.


Opening screen pops up continually

For some reason the opening screen with the butterfly pops up continually while working with Biblioscape. Does someone has a solution for this?

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