Support doesn't respond my requests

Recently, I've changed my computer. After reinstalled Biblioscape (Pro Version 9), the program didn't accept my "Registration Key" though I can (in theory) install the same key 3 times on different computers. I've informed the problem to Biblioscape (many times) and, until now, no answer to my problem.
What is going on? Is support for Biblioscape still working?
I wait for response (once more).

Office 2016

Does the Biblioscape plugin work in Microsoft Office 2016?


Producing an Index/List of all the Papers

I have over 500 technical papers in BBS neatly cataloged and filed in folders according to their topic.

I would like to produce a simple index showing Folder : Title:author:year :source publication across all folders so i can print it as a reference list and upload to excel

Struggling to find how to do this

any help welcome

How do I know when conversion is done?

I've downloaded version 10, and on opening my v.9 database it says that it has to perform a conversion. It warns it may take a long time. When I hit OK, the dialog box closes and then nothing happens; there is no progress bar or anything. Is there a way to know when the conversion is done? Is there a window that pops up? I let it go overnight but the computer went to sleep.

"The number of registrations has exceeded the limit allowed for this key."

I'm getting the above message after upgrading to a new computer at work. Biblioscape v9 has been deleted off the old machine, so I have no way of unregistering it. Is there some way of getting that one revoked so I can register my new computer? Or, alternatively, revoking all computers associated with my key.

Change columns displayed in List Pane

How do I change the colomns in the List Pane in version 10 of Biblioscape?

ElevateDB Error #1100 - what does it mean and how do I fix this

When opening BS I get the following error message:
ElevateDB Error #1100 A connection to the server at '' cannot be established ('Socket error: No connection could be made because target machine actively refused it. (10061), on API 'connect')
The database is a .bsr file and I can acces the server and read, write, copy whatever I need to but nothing changes. Any ideas?

Which is the best way to manage attachment files?

1: put all files into one folder, only use references and categories to manage them.

2: put files into some folders, also use reference and categories.

Which one is the best way or which one is the recommend?

After I manage categories, the relation between records and categories remain?

For example, I rename the categories, or move the categories to another parent categories.
After I manage categories, the relation between records and categories remain?

How can I add a reference quickly based on a attachment file?

For example, I get a thesis, and I want build a reference for it. Can I do it by the way?

1: dragging the thesis file into biblioscape
2: a dialog of adding References exist,and the title is filled by the name of the thesis file automatically, and the attachment is added automatically.

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