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Error on Windows update

Sometime on 17-18 June 2017 Windows 7 did an auto update and Biblioscape 9 produces only errors, such as:
ElevateDB Error #700 An error was found in the statement at line 1 and column 16 (ElevateDB Error #401. The column Folder does not exist in the table bib)

My folders are still displayed down the side column but the only response is the above error.

I hope this does not mean the end of my database!

For the Info of any current B.9 Users - Identified bug in B.9

For the Info of any current B.9 Users - Identified bug in B.9
The Bug(s) are within the reference module causing associated bugs in the Lookup tab and causing Biblioscape 9 itself to lock up 
requiring a Task manager process tree closure but Biblioscape then locks up at the splash screen stage upon re-opening.
The bug did not reveal itself within Biblioscape 11 early trial release when tested with the same record. Well done Biblioscape!
A resolution available existing Biblioscape 9 users is:-  

Support doesn't respond my requests

Recently, I've changed my computer. After reinstalled Biblioscape (Pro Version 9), the program didn't accept my "Registration Key" though I can (in theory) install the same key 3 times on different computers. I've informed the problem to Biblioscape (many times) and, until now, no answer to my problem.
What is going on? Is support for Biblioscape still working?
I wait for response (once more).

Office 2016

Does the Biblioscape plugin work in Microsoft Office 2016?


Producing an Index/List of all the Papers

I have over 500 technical papers in BBS neatly cataloged and filed in folders according to their topic.

I would like to produce a simple index showing Folder : Title:author:year :source publication across all folders so i can print it as a reference list and upload to excel

Struggling to find how to do this

any help welcome

How do I know when conversion is done?

I've downloaded version 10, and on opening my v.9 database it says that it has to perform a conversion. It warns it may take a long time. When I hit OK, the dialog box closes and then nothing happens; there is no progress bar or anything. Is there a way to know when the conversion is done? Is there a window that pops up? I let it go overnight but the computer went to sleep.

"The number of registrations has exceeded the limit allowed for this key."

I'm getting the above message after upgrading to a new computer at work. Biblioscape v9 has been deleted off the old machine, so I have no way of unregistering it. Is there some way of getting that one revoked so I can register my new computer? Or, alternatively, revoking all computers associated with my key.

Change columns displayed in List Pane

How do I change the colomns in the List Pane in version 10 of Biblioscape?

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