Folder Open/Close

How come folders do not remember their collapsed/expanded state in the tree view on the left between sessions (they always open closed)? Also, they do close by themselves after some operations like creation of a child folder. Can this be an option? Option 1: open in a default state. Option 2: remember last session.


Problems Importing to Bib8

I was able to import my database, output style, and journal editor to Bib8 but I am encountering the following problems:
1. When I open a reference, error message says: "list index out of bounds (1)"
2. When I try to close the reference without saving it the error says: "cannot create file"
3. When I attempt to create a reference the message is: "Table_bib_main: Field 'Folder_ID not found"

Searching items - search function


Error message when creating a new note

Dear Paul,

I recently started a new database and imported all my references to a single folder in the folders list called References. In this database I wanted to create a new note, however, I keep getting the following error message when I click on Note in the Folders list:

Table_note_main: Field 'Web_capture' not found.

When trying to get to Notes from the toolbar clicking on Go and then Notes I get the following error message:

Access violation at address 0061F667 in module 'Biblioscape.exe'. Read of address 0000000F

Updates to output styles are corrupting the style definition

I have found that I need to create my own style and I am adding features to it as I find that I need them. However, occasionally when I update the output style Biblioscape strips out all the formatting. Subsequent attempts to restore the formatting then corrupt the output style definition completely. The only way to recover seems to be to delete all fields from the definition and re-enter them and their formatting again from scratch.

Biblioscape icons

Is there any way that all of the icons (biblioscape, bibliosidekick, etc) can be revamped in the next bug fix...... for better appearance in Vista and supporting programs? (ie 128x128 of the actual red icon, not all of the white background). For instance, if you use Object Dock, the Biblioscape icon appears extremely small (the red portion). Just for appearance....

Cataloguing complex author/publisher entries

Have a look at this book.


I would like an advice on how to catalogue authors when there are several authors of unequal statue like in this book when the first author is joined to the rest with “with”. Also, a similar issue is with publishers. How to enter them into Biblioscape and make them appear correctly when there are two or more publishers each with a different city (or several) associated with them.

Thanks for explaining how to do it or considering additions to the program is needed...

opening database glitch (clicking on .bsl link directly versus opening .bsl file through Biblioscape menu)

I am noticing a strange glitch that I cannot seem to understand. I have a database, called TEST1.bsl which is saved to a folder on my desktop. If I double click on the biblioscape icon of this file to open it, it will open, but the cursor is constantly churning and CPU runs constantly at close to 100% (never comes down) and drains my resources on everything else.

Digital Object Identifier, or DOI

Most digital journals now offer the articles with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). After learning a bit more about DOI's with Wikipedia I found I could enter into the URL field a web browser, e.g. http://dx.doi.org/, followed by the DOI and get the link to work. Here is one example, http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10980-005-0467-1

Question, is it worth it to petition Paul and crew to add another field for a DOI, or should we make do with the URL field? Technically a DOI is a bit different from a URL, but the end result is the same.

Problem exporting Notes folder into Paradox or Dbase formats with the Wizard

When I try to export a notes folder into Paradox or dBase format using the wizard I get an error code after I press (execute). The error code is hidden by another window which says "exporting SMExport 4.77". But nothing happens. The error information behind that window which is visible says "(error $2108)" but the rest of the message is not visible. I am able to export the notes folder in other formats such as TXT, Accel and MS Access.

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