How to integrate Biblioscape databases into library portals?

I'm using BiblioWeb to serve a Biblioscape database online, but some colleagues of mine would also like to integrate my database into their library portals. They were hoping that the database was Z39.50 & OAI compliant, but since it is not (http://support.biblioscape.com/node/1429), is it possible to integrate my Biblioscape library into their portals using either of the following features?

Problem with Composition module

Trying to create a new folder under Composition, the following message arises:
Acess violation at address 0061F472 in module 'Biblioscape.ex'. Read at address 0000000F

Any suggestions?

Is a BiblioWeb-hosted database z39.50 & OAI compliant?

I have been approached by colleagues wondering if the bibliographic database I'm hosting via BiblioWeb is z39.50 & OAI compliant. They are interested in integrating my library into their portals. What do I tell them/What are the answers?


Word processor in Biblioscape v.7, v.8 and in the future

I know that a new word processor is planned and I just wanted to reiterate the fundamental importance of having a fully-functional and robust word processor for Biblioscape’s ambitions for notes and compositions to work. The current implementation is very idiosyncratic, consequently, I never had confidence fully committing to Biblioscape, however tempting, even when writing shorter pieces. I am still largely using it as a reference manager, which is a pity.

Toolbar on Biblioscape

The third toolbar on Biblioscape: References, Composition, Categories, Charts, Tasks, Notes, then there is Boron parameterization, Thesis, and my boron search. How do you remove or change these last three buttons (ie Boron parameterization, Thesis and boron search)????

Conference paper

What is supposed to be the default suitable format for the above? I've been using a custom type for these but every time I move to a new machine or new version custom types have to be redone and it is tricky to remember exactly what/how was customised. Did I miss an inbuilt choice?

Also, will this be parentable to proceedings similar to how chapters are to be parentable to a book in v. 8?

Unable to type Hebrew fonts

I can have Hebrew fonts appear only on the Memo panel of a single reference window. But when I try to type Hebrew characters on the title of the reference it does not accept it. My keyboard is enabled under Vista, and I am using version 7.33

limiting searches

How does one limit search to only within a certain field in Biblioscape? (ie search all or everything; search terms limited only to authors , title, keywords, subject, date, etc)

format/unformat documents in Word compared with Bookends

I'm a PC user, but had the chance to explore a program called Bookends on a Mac. For example, I wrote a document, inserted citations by dragging them directly from the Bookends database (equivalent of Biblioscape reference database), saved the file as an RTF. I then formatted the document in Bookends. So now all citations are in place as numbers (eg (1) (2) (3) (4)...).

Paths memory

Is it possible to make different dialogs in the program (e.g., the one that allows to link attachments and the one that allows to import files but also others) to remember paths independantly? Currently, if I go to a library, save a citation to Desktop and PDF to my collection, go to B7, navigate to where I saved the citation, import, go to reference and HAVE TO navigate to a different location through multiple folders to get to the PDF. I am now collecting multiple references and this is painful. If dialogs would remember paths independently, there would be no problem.

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