Reference Type: export broken

I cannot export reference types from one machine to another. The receiving version of Biblioscape gets all messed up and only a reinstall helps.

Category checkboxes

Hi !

I created three categories: ABC, QABC, W-ABC.

When I use checkboxes in the category tree to tag my references it appears that despite keyword checkbozes are always marked by "contains".
E.g. if a reference has keyword: "ABC" when all three checkbooks are selected next time I open the tree !

This problem is in both versions: stable and beta !

Another feature I would like to request is proper support for advance search:
1) When I select "Category" "is" smth - it actually works as "contains", and does not work as "is" at all !

Position of Search Folder

Hi Paul,
I get the impression that the search folder's results depend on the search folder's position in the folder list. The further left the folder is, the more results it contains. Is this right?
Thanks, Volker

Advanced Search

Hi Paul,
I created an advanced search of three conditions, one of which is "reference type doesn't contain document". For some reason, the results still contain references of this type. Here's the search, taken from the search folder's properties:

select bib.Ref_ID, Priority, Ref_Type, Ref_Type_ID, Ref_mark, Date_created, Ref_Read, Categories, Deleted, Year_Pub, Title, Sec_Title, Subject, Publisher, Authors, Location, Type_Work from bib where Deleted='' and (Authors LIKE '%Straebel%' or Sec_Authors LIKE '%Straebel%' and NOT (Ref_Type LIKE '%document%')) ORDER BY Year_Pub ASC NOCASE

Custom Reference Types: Icons

In v.7, why do my custom reference types have no icons associated with them? This seems wrong, they used to get a default and it would be good to be able to choose what they get. In fact, some of them seem to be getting icons and some not. Even stranger.

Linked Folder (boolean) operations

Can we please have the ability to display more than one linked (and other) folders simultaneously?

Cannot Reorder Notes - Caused by deleting notes in composition

Deleted some records from a composition which caused all the note records (in the note tree) to detached from one node used in another composition. Furthermore, note relating to the node in the composition can no longer be viewed in the notes tree (Note ID 1)

I created a new note (Note ID 215) and began to attached the notes on the subtree to it. However, I can no longer reorder the notes up or down in the tree. I rebuilt the database and no corruption was found

You can see the error here - http://rapidshare.com/files/205172282/bib1.wmv.html

Can you help me resolve the problem

Charts Module - Suggestions of improvement

The charts module could be very useful for structuring thinking while writing, however can I make a couple of suggestions for improvements

Firstly, if you copy the chart as a picture the quality is very poor. It would be good if the chart could be exported in a bmp or jpg format

Secondly, a facility to automatically insert a chart into a note while working on it would be useful, as would the ability to be able to paste into a note a small selection of objects from a chart.

Resetting the Reference ID


I'm working with a colleagues who are using different bibliographic software but we working on a single document. When exporting and importing references between us the reference ID used in the temporary citation changes meaning we have to rework citations on the document.
Export form other software can be made in order of their reference ID. If I could reset the ID starting from 1 then the temp citations in my Biblioscape would tally between us; I would delete all references in Biblioscape before importing

Father + Child Inheritance in Categories

I’m new to biblioscape, I just imported my endnote records and I’m having difficulties understanding the ‘Categories’ Module. I read all the online documentation I could find.

I have a simple tree category:
--N. America (child categories)
--C. America
--S. America

Then three references tagged as follows:
1. Argentina (S.America)
2. Panama (C.America)
3. Canada (N.America)

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