Where are new categories filed?

I am using the Sample database, and have created three new categories in the right pane of the reference folder labeled Boron Parameters. I have dropped several references into each category.

I can't find these categories in the Folder List in the left pane. I quit and restarted the program and the new categories are still there (which is good), and I can still see them in the right panel but not in the Folder List. Also, no matter which of the sample reference folders I access, I still see the three new categories in the right pane.

More than one Publisher / City

Is there a way to handle more than one publisher / city in one reference? If not, that would be a nice enhancement for V8. I often come across this problem with art books, that are published by the museum (city of the museum, name of museum) AND a publisher (city of publisher, name of publisher).
Thanks, Volker

Suggestions for Version 8

Glad to see that you have a beta out for Version 8, but I'm in the middle of evaluating v-7 right now. Here are some suggestions for the new version:

1. Try to make the fact that the program is a collection of modules transparent to the user. Ideally Biblioscape should put only one button in the Windows system tray, and should instead maintain whatever tabs it needs on its own toolbar (like in a web browser).

change of edition

Hi Paul,
I'm using Lite Edition and want to go Standard. How much should it cost?

Editing AutoComplete lists

I'm sure this has been answered many times before, so I apologise for doing so again. How does one edit entries in AutoComplete lists? I have a number which I'd like to change -- for example, changing a publisher's name from all upper case to mixed case -- but I can't remember how to do this.

Saving Sort Commands

Is there any way I can automate sorting by author and title? I was wondering if my sorting could be saved on the menu of View, Current View.

Importing files from Procite5

Thanks for your advice. I downloaded Biblioscape and successfully exported citations from Science Direct. I was also able to export my database from Biblioexpress and import it into Biblioscape. I had a small file in Procite5 and tried multiple approaches to exporting it and importing it into Biblioscape without success. Can you tell me the procedure?

Term inserter inserts space after text

Hi Paul

The "insert term" dialog seems recently to have picked up the habit of adding a space to the end of the term to be inserted. Could this be fixed some time, please, either in Biblioscape 7 or 8?


Changing from a desktop to a laptop

I have been running Biblioscape on my desktop and using it as a server for Biblioweb. I am getting a laptop, but I want to use the desktop as my server.

What is the best way to do this? I want to be able to enter references from the laptop. What version of Biblioscape should I use on my laptop?

Right now the database runs from my hard drive on the desktop. Can I leave it there?



Categories: Organizing

What will be the steps if I want to rename an existing category and make sure that the change is reflected in all of the references belonging to it? Do I have to change the name and then do manual Search/Replace? If so, perhaps there should be a warning to that effect when peopel are trying to rename existing categories. And it would be good to have an option to disable this warning. Actually, in a few places such warning could be great...

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