Syncronisation and UI

In 7.4, if I synchronize my database and copy it from my workstation with two monitors to my laptop, the window positions also get transferred. As I open Biblioscape in the secondary monitor on the workstation, all non-primary windows (e.g., open references) become invisible. The main window is OK. this is extremely inconvenient. The only way I see to make them appear is to right-click on the window in the Windows toolbar and choose maximize. Can you think of a way to make this more sensible? E.g. so that the windows knew to reposition themselves onto the one monitor?

Looking for a way to import a website url into reference folder

Looking for a way to import into reference folder a web site url.

Is there an accepted format for manuscripts?
For Example
The CDC, Center for Disease Control has a web page entitled

“Ten Greatest Public Health Achievements in the 20th Century”

How would this be imported into a reference folder?

Also the CDC has many downloadable .pdf files, how would these be added to a
Reference folder. Example
“Health United States, 2008”

Thanks for your help,


Note Icons

In 7.4, note folders and notes use the same (default) icon. I find this confusing as they are different members in the organizational hierarchy.

Unable to use Alt Key method to drag references

I am unable to use the Alt key to drag and drop a reference into a MS Word 2003 RTF document.

When I try to do this, I get a round icon with a slash through it, with a small textbox next to it with "N.." in it. This icon will drag to the word processor but nothing happens. No reference appears such as [Woolf, 2004 #258]

The word processor has the Bib_Word.dot add in loaded and the Biblioscape Menu is at the top and I can search for a reference by main author and it will insert the reference into my Word Processor. I can search for "Woolf" and it will insert the reference.

Import a paragraph from word or adobe text as a note

Hi Paul. Is there a way (other than copy/paste) to bring a selected text from a Word or Acrobat document into a Biblioscape's note? The thing is: I have completed my research, have dozens of electronic documents; each document contains many pieces of information, each one of which relates to diferent topics of my paper. So, it would be great if I could select a paragraph and shoot it into a Biblioscape note, already under a particular folder and reference. Just the reverse action of shooting Biblioscape notes into a word document. ¿Is there any way to do this, or something close?

Extra space?

In B v.7, when using *Chicago 15th A (notes), I am getting an extra space inserted after cited pages and the final dot in the generated note (see below) when using Journal Article type (might be true in others). this extra space seems to be picked up from the temporary citation.

Form of temp reference:

[Morgan, 1980 @499 #1856]

Note entry:

Gareth Morgan and Linda Smircich, "The Case for Qualitative Research,"The Academy of Management Review 5, no. 4 (1980): 499 .

Toolbars gone

I opened B8 today and my main menu was gone. Right-clicked and it was gray, I could not enable it. Clicked on other toolbars to see what the problem was and now there is no toolbar at all. How can we enable them? Thanks

A Quick Way to Change References?

I am in the process of developing my own custom reference types, and want to speed up the process by re-using work previously done. Here are my questions.
1. How is it possible to change the reference type of many references simultaneously, rather than the time-consuming task of opening and changing each one of them? For example, changing from Book Section to Journal Article for more than one reference at a time.

Making full search case-insensitive

Paul -- It would help a lot if an option could be added to make the Advanced Search case-insensitive. Titles of papers, for example, may have considerable variation in the way that words are capitalized, because different databases do their capitalization quite differently. So it can take several searches, using different forms of capitalization, before one can be sure that one has found every example of a particular search string.

Could that be added?


"Cannot open clipboard" message appearing a lot with BiblioRemote

Paul -- I'm having  a lot of trouble with the "Cannot open clipboard" message appearing when I'm using BiblioRemote. There are two situations in which I encounter it; in both cases, it's not very reproducible:

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