7 and 8 compatibility

Can you please let me know if the styles and the ref types are compatible between 7 and 8?

v.8 observations...

In v.8, I find that moving from reference to reference with PDF tab displayed is extremely slow. The whole program freezes for up to a minute, presumably waiting for things to download. E.g., this reference in the sample database is a slow one:

Derewenda, U., Swenson, L., Green, R., Wei, Y., Morosoli, R., Shareck, F., Kluepfel, D. & Derewenda, Z. S. 1994, 'Crystal structure, at 2.6-A resolution, of the Streptomyces lividans xylanase A, a member of the F family of beta-1, 4-D-glycanases', Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 269, no. 33, pp. 20811-20814.

Web Search: Additional Search engines

I wonder if it will be possible to extend Web Search. Currently it lists two engines and there is no way to add more. I appreciate that this might be tricky because journal article providers use different formats but it would be great to have this. Databases that I can suggest off-the-cuff would include:

EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier
Synergy Blackwell Premium
Gale Cengage Expanded Academic ASAP
The ACM Digital Library


Thanks for considering.

Adobe Acrobat 9.1 in B8

I see that v.8 has been released. Congratulations! Look forward to using it.

Have just downloaded it and it cannot recognize Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.1 on Windows XP 32. What gives? Can you make sure Biblioscape can recognize the Pro versions and not only the reader ones?


Bug: word count fields crashing the notes module

I am getting errors somehow associated with the word count fields.

I went to notes module and tried to create a new note.

1/ On pressing 'new note' I get "Table_note_main: Field 'Wordcount' not found". I hit OK and it creates a new note anyway.
2/ As soon as I press a space for the note's content, I get "Table_note_main: Field Target_wc not found'

"backend-exception" error

Occasionally when I attempt to search PubMed/MEDLINE databases, I obtain a "backend-exception" error.

For example, when I type in a search for "SSRI Horberg", I obtain the following error message:

backend-exception Exception from Backend: bePfetch (%23PmXmlSrv): Error+111+(Connection+refused)

If I hit "go" another time, two more times, eventually I get the search result I am looking for. Curious though, what is the cause of this error? Thanks.

Unintended Deletion

Something strange has just happened (7.4). I have performed a quick search for the word allen and found several entries. I then created several folders (linked reference folders). I then realized that one of the folders I created was not a linked folder and deleted it. I than searched again and found no entries with allen in them. They were all deleted together with the folder. Rather worrying given that the folder was deleted via a right-click on the tree icon. When I deleted the folder permanently from the waste Basket it gave me an access violation. Rebuilt found no errors.

trying to get registration

I sent an e-mail with my machine ID to support@swreg to obtain my registration key. I received the following automated response:

Database unrecoverable


field chooser - issue

Hello Paul,
I am having the latest release of biblioscape. v7.4

I chose field "ref_id" to display in the references section. Upon closing and restarting the biblioscape, ref_id is not present and disaapears. I have to use the field chooser again to see it.

Could you please help me to fix it?


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