Import reference from the new PubMed interface

Since PubMed changed its interface, it appears that the reference import filter does not work any more. Does anybody know the new import filter to be used?
Thanks in advance.

Web_Post_Hide ignored by Biblioweb


I'd like hide particular datafields when references are viewed on BiblioWeb. I've gone to Tools:Options:Other in Biblioscape and checked the fields I'd like to hide, however this action is ignored in BiblioWeb. The datafields remain visible. Do you have a solution to this problem?


Bug: Inappropriately persistent BiblioWeb logins

Visitors to my site first access my BiblioWeb-hosted bibliographic database with a guest-login-name-and-password-containing URL. If they have a personal login name, they are likely to then click the "login" link I provide and authentic themselves to gain access to and modify their marked records. But the results [noted in brackets] of the following example sequence (which is available to you to test) has me worried about the security/certainty of each user's marked records:

hyperlinkable fields?

Hi. I'm trying to find out which fields in Biblioscape records are hyperlinkable. I know that the URL and Attachment fields will allow you to hyperlink URLs that are stored in records. Are there any other fields? We are currently using those two fields and want to use a third field to store an additional URL.


APA Style

The APA style is a rather tricky beast as it requires two formats for references - ie (Smith & Jones, 1987, p. 27) or Smith and Jones (1987, p.27). Is it possible for biblioscape to support both or are we resigned to having only the first and having to manually typing the second? I know I only have to type the Smith and Jones and not the info inside the parenteses but it is very irritating to have to do. Rewriting to accommodate the style is tedious and tends to change the emphasis level of the writing.

Category renaming fails: bug?

In v.7.4, start a new reference, click on a category (it gets added to the reference), press F2 to rename, type new name, press enter and the program hangs. The only way out of it is to kill it from Windows.

Same when now reference is open.

Same in Open Category window.

The category's name is Reference: encyclopaedic - just in case this might be the reason.

About "search phrase"

In Biblioscape,"search phrase" is difficult things.It seemed "Fast search" and "Advanced search"(both old and new) ,and old "Fast search"didn't support "search phrase".And I found old "Indexed search" and "Smart search" support it,but "Indexed search" wil say"no match_bib".Are all true?
Sometimes,one could search like "football" ,"foot ball","foot-ball",even "foot -ball".How do it in Biblioscape?

Upgrade Question

Hi Paul,
I Purchased a Standard Edition last month.
May I upgrade for 8.x for free?
If so, how?
Best regards,

Quick Add

Quick Add works fine in Notes module but not for references. See below. Is this normal? Just using the sample database in 8.01

Biblioscape vs. Notabene

Aside from running on Vista 64 /
Would anyone care to chime in and comment on Biblioscape compared to NotaBene? They both are aimed at providing research tools to users in a modular way...but how do they compare?

Thanks kindly,

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