Endless formatting of rtf files

Hello Paul,

We are facing several difficulties for formatting a Word 2003 document. This document is 40-page long and contains 8 figures and 15 tables. It's size on hardrive is 650ko. Well, nothing anormal until there. The rtf file produced by Word 2003 from this document is by far larger (69MB).

Our first attempts were unsuccessful, BS worked for 2 hours then crashed. We then corrected 5 references that had not been properly entered in the database. BS can now format our rtf document but formatting is still too long (> 1 hour).

What can be done to speed up formatting?

V.7 Out of Memory Bug?


I have recently found a bug within the Biblioscape references module.


Imported the text of a discussion into Biblioscape from the Web using the 'Capture Page as a Reference' button.  The text of the discussion was saved in the Document (Rich Text) field of the reference. Because the discussion took place over a number of pages, two other pages of selected text were cut and pasted into the reference document field.

Deletion not possible - error messages


in biblioscape 7.4., when I try to delete (duplicate, erratic) references, I keep getting the error messages "Cannot perform operation on closed dataset" - what to do?


Export all refs with tree structure

Can you tell me how to export all references while preserving the folder structure? Is it possible to import my .bsl file into biblioweb?

Biblioscape 7

Biblioscape 7 online manual


I have been trying to convert my database from Version 7 to version 7.4, but the converting process won't even start. I get error messages as soon as the conversion is supposed to start and then have to shut down using the task manager because biblioscape does not react any more.
Any suggestions?


Virtual Windows - problems

I'm using BSP with Windows XP in VirtualBox machine in MacOS. This creates (not) a few problems:
1. I use OpenOffice as text editor and it doesn't seem to support BSP macros; consequently I lose valuaable ability to shoot references into text. I try notes module, but when I 'insert temporary reference' I get error message:

table notes_main_Field: 'web capture' not found.

Importing from Cochrane

How can I import citations from the Cochrane database directly to BiblioScape e.g. http://www.mrw.interscience.wiley.com/cochrane/clsysrev/articles/CD00107...?

There is a function for "Export Citation" supposedly in EndNote filter format:

but I can not make it work.

Do anyone have experience of downloading citaions from this site and is there maybe a filter (*.bif) available already?


Possible to copy an import filter?

Is it possible to copy an import filter so that it can be placed on another computer that uses Biblioscape? I have edited a couple of import filters and would like to be able to share them with other staff that need to use them, rather than having to make the same changes on their computers.


Web_capture' not found.


When I enter notes I get this message:

"Table_note_main: Field 'Web_capture' not found."

I did try version 8 for a while and when I switched back to 7 began having the problem.

Can you help?

Ray Ellingson

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