Trying to re-install but my username and activation code are no longer recognised

Used version 7.2 back in 2008 and liked it but found the lack of UniCode support too limiting. With the announcement that UniCode is now supported I want to upgrade and give Biblioscape another try. So I tried to install the version 7.2 product to find out which version I already have and thus which upgrade I need. However, I find that my original user name and serial number (cut and paste from the e-mail) are no longer accepted in the registration dialogue. I have upgraded my machine in the mean-time if that is significant. Any help would be appreciated.

library of congress import

loc import stopped working a few months ago - i get some data, but no author or title from a 'capture full record' command.


Registration Key Request


I just upgraded one of our user's computer and the registration key I had recorded isn't working. The order details are:
Order: U29021860
User name: GoerkeLen

The machine key is: 1114226873

Thanks you in advance for your help.


Unable to open data folder

In attempting to figure out how to backup the large data base for my references, I went to the biblioscape 7 folder and clicked on the biblioscape.exe icon (since it showed 11.7 mb) to see if it contained my database that I could then save on an external drive. It opened over the biblioscape window that I had left open with all my data, then crashed. When I reopened using the same shortcut I usually use on the desktop, it opened biblioscape with my folder listed, but when it was selected it would not open my data.

about sql query in refer module

Dear Paul,
I have got a strange question while using sql query in refer modul. ex:
select bib.* from bib where (bib.Folder_ID=85) and A and (B or C), A, B, C are conditions, I can get the right answers for
select bib.* from bib where (bib.Folder_ID=85) and A and not (B or C) before, but I cannot get it now, while I change the sql to
select bib.* from bib where (bib.Folder_ID=85) and A and not B and not C, it can come up with the right answer.
Would you give me some suggestions for the question?
Thanks Paul.

Minor display bug


Whilst moving to another pc with larger drive I noticed a minor display bug as illustrated.


Display bug



















basic question export to report

sorry for basic question - i have a folder ALL that has a few thousand entries, and within it several folders with hundreds of entries.
i want to export an RTF report that lists all items in the database, within the ALL folder including the subfolders.
but my reports only include the ALL folder items, not the subfolder items.
what do i need to do?
thank you for your kind response and guidance,

Error message - Ambiguous name detected: TmpDDE

Hi Paul

When I try to use a function “shoot temporary” I get a bug that says: "ambiguous name detected: TmpDDE".

When I try to format the document, I get the bug that says: "The excerption software (0x0eedfade) occured in the application at the location 0x7c812afb". I’m really desperate can you please help urgently. I don’t know what is happening.

Basically i can't format my references nor add any new temporary reference markers on my document.

Internet Explorer Script Error

User is getting an Internet Explorer Script Error.


Line: 117

Char: 489

Object doesn't support this property or metthod.

cross links

In BiblioWeb, all cross-links are displayed that I had linked once, even when the reference itself in biblioscape has been deleted in the meantime. That way, incorrect cross-links remain in the database although the autonomous references does not. What can I do?


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