'Capture Web Page' links to wrong local file

BS 7.19: When I capture a web page in the internet module (as a note, in web archive format *.mht) the URL in the new note's 'Web Local' field doesn't lead to the local copy of the captured page but to a Zip-file I previously downloaded from Internet Explorer (IE 7); selecting the note's Web Capture tab tries to open this other file. Am I missing something or is this a bug? Thanks, Lars.


I've noticed the same problem. Looks like a bug.

Yehuda N. Falk
Associate Professor of English Linguistics
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

This bug happens with IE7

This bug happens with IE7 only. It works fine with all other versions of IE. In IE7, the download directory is not updated by the IE engine. We have not found a fix yet. But in the next patch release, web page capture will be simplified. User doesn't need to use the dialog box to specify a location and file name. All will be performed by Biblioscape automatically. Thanks.

Thank you, Paul. Sounds

Thank you, Paul. Sounds promising. I don't know if this will be necessary anymore: but what about adding a button to the 'Web Local' field as in the 'Attachment' field of the reference editing window, allowing users to quickly add/change the location of the local file?

In version 7.2, Biblioscape

In version 7.2, Biblioscape will save the web capture as a single file with graphics in *.mht format. The file will be saved under the "attachment" folder automatically. User doesn't need to click any button in the whole capturing process. So it won't be necessary for user to change that file location manually. In order for all these to work, user has to have IE7 installed. This shoud not be a big problem since most users already got IE7 and it is much better than IE6.