Emptying the trash

I am having trouble emptying the Deleted folder. If I try "Empty Deleted Folder" I get the error message "Dictionary invalidated." If I try stepping through one item at a time, some delete OK, some give me the same "Dictionary invalidated" error, and some give me the error "Access violation at address 0061F39F in module 'Biblioscape.exe'. Read of address 0000000F." In the latter case, it does delete the item, but with the annoying error message. In the case of "Dictionary invalidated", however, it does not delete the item. (Sometimes, a second try on a "Dictionary invalidated" item results in an "Access violation."

This problem can be fixed by

This problem can be fixed by restart Biblioscape and go to "File | Database | Update Search Index". Please get the critical upgrades (version 5.5, version 6.7, and version 7.17 or later). For more information about this error message, please go to http://support.biblioscape.com/node/964