Biblioscape 7.19 release

Version 7.19 patch can be downloaded at The above URL always contains the latest patch which includes all the earlier 7.x patches. Please quit Biblioscape first and unzip the downloaded file to your Biblioscape installation folder to replace the old files. Here is the list of bugs fixed and new features added in version 7.19.

  • Bug fix: When create a new record in references, notes, tasks, and charts modules, the inherited categories are not displayed in the "User Defined" or "All Fields" grid.
  • Bug fix: User name in the "Help | About" window is not correct when an user runs Biblioscape from network installation.
  • Bug fix: When process rtf file saved by Word 2007, temporary citations immediatly after graphics or OLE objects are not processed.
  • Bug fix: When process rtf file saved by WordPad, paragraphs are sometimes combined and the first word of the second paragraph is lost.
  • Bug fix: When process rtf file with graphic and OLE objects, the second round of file scan progress is not displayed correctly.
  • Bug fix: In references module, when just paste a graphic without editing text in the rich text box, the graphic is pasted but not saved when the record is closed.
  • Improvement: In the add link window, column "Date Created" is added to display grid of references, notes, tasks, charts, and categories module.
  • New feature: In the add link window, "Advanced Search" button is added to display a popup advaced search window.
  • Bug fix: When openning a reference record from cross module search, the chart on "All Links" tab is not displayed.
  • New feature: A new command "Copy as Plain Text" is added under the "Edit" menu in notes module and note editor window. When copy a copy or selected text in a note with this command, the pasted content will follow the font properties of your other application instead of ones in Biblioscape.
  • Improvement: In BiblioWeb, if loginname and password are included in URL, BiblioWeb will not automatically create a logged in session. So user can do more searching and browsing without the need to manually login.
  • Improvement: In the References module, the layout properties of output style are applied to commands "Edit | Copy Formatted References" and "File | Print Bibliography...". 
  • Bug fix: In BiblioWeb, when display text of notes and abstract fields, all text are combined into a single paragraph.
  • Bug fix: In references module, "Edit | Find" and "Edit | Replace" do not work correctly.
  • New feature: In notes module export window, RTF export option is added. So user can export selected notes in RTF format.
  • Improvement: In notes module, "File | Print" command will now print all selected notes in the order they are displayed.

Paste as plain text doesn't

Paste as plain text doesn't appear under the edit menu on my computer. Any idea why not?

I guess that'll because it

I guess that's because it has not been implemented. The release notes above only speak about Copy and not Paste.

Paste Plane Text (as a mirror to Copy Plain Text)

Thanks for adding “Copy as Plain Text”. Actually, most of other applications can paste unformatted anyway (in Word, it requires a custom Macro, a quick search will bring thousands of recipes for the interested). So, when I asked for Paste Unformatted here

I talked about pasting text into Biblioscape from other applications such as a web browser, Acrobat or Word. An opposite-direction action to what you have now implemented. It would be most convenient if Biblioscape could get rid of the incoming formatting and instead apply the text properties that are currently active in an open note.



Paste Plane Text (as a mirror to Copy Plain Text)

Just to say that this feature is still sorely missed.


Sorry, it will be version

Sorry, it will be version 7.22. Thanks.