Biblioscape 7.13 release

Version 7.13 patch can be downloaded at Please quit Biblioscape first and unzip the downloaded file to your Biblioscape installation folder to replace the old files. Here is the list of bugs fixed and new features added in version 7.13.

  • Improvement: In references module, when formatting a reference, if the primary author name is a corporate author, Biblioscape will not report first name missing warning message.
  • Improvement: Popup menus for categories tab in record editor window are added for adding, deleting, and openning category item.
  • Bug fix: In references module reference editor window, when browse to next or prior record, the attachment, URL, and links buttons on the preview pane are not updated.
  • Bug fix: In notes module, when only make changes to font name, size, text color and background color without making any other changes, the changes are not saved.
  • Bug fix: In references module, after closing a record window, the last opened or added record is not the selected on in the list.
  • Bug fix: In references module, when adding a new reference, the folder of last selected record is not always used.
  • Bug fix: In categories module, when displaying notes tagged by the currently selected category, some notes icons are not displayed for certain note types.
  • Bug fix: When converting version 6 database to version 7 format, the text in the Categories field of the reference table is lost.
  • Bug fix: In references module, when adding a linked note in reference editor, the note type selected is not saved.
  • Bug fix: When a record is deleted, the links to that record are not removed accordingly.
  • Bug fix: In reference editor window notes tab, when linked notes are displayed, clicking the Delete button will generate access violation error.
  • Improvement: When add a link to references, the reference list can now be sorted by clicking on the column header.
  • Bug fix: When openning a remote database through BiblioRemote server, restore a deleted item cause an error.
  • Improvement: In record editor window of all modules, clicking the "Add Link" button itself will cause the associate menu to drop down. So users do not need to click the down arrow to see the drop down menu.
  • Bug fix: Rebuilding lookup index does not work properly with deleted records.
  • Improvement: In all record editor window, a Clear button is added to remove all categories selections for the current record.
  • Improvement: Complete support of Biblioscape URL (

Conventons naming categories


Are there any conventions/restrictions required for creating categories?

  1. For example, can they be more than one word?
  2. Can they use all characters (e.g. *, # Space, etc.)?
  3. Must each be unique?

Dr. Robert Masson

1. It can be more than one

1. It can be more than one word. By default, the limit is 40 characters. But if this is not enough for you, you can increase it with "...\Tools\DBSys.exe" tool.

2. Yes, you can.

3. No, they don't have to be unique. For example, you can have two category with the same name under different categories folder. Having two categories with the same name in the same folder doens't make sense.


Decompress buffer too small error (when deleting category)


I am finding when I remove a selected category from a record (in reference file) and then save the record, I get an error message "Decompress buffer too small." The record then continues to show up when that category is selected, even though a check of the record shows that the category has indeed been removed. Is this related to other problems getting fixed in the next release?


Dr. Robert Masson

This problem is caused by

This problem is caused by the old full text search engine. You can disable it by go to "Tools | Options" window. On the "Database" tab, check off the box "Live full text indexing". Quit Biblioscape, delete all files under "....\Biblioscape x\Index\" folder.

Solves error message but problem remains


I do not get the error message but I still have the problem that the category is counting and including items that have been removed from it. Those items do not show the category in the category field but nevertheless appear when I view the category from either the category tab or category module.

Dr. Robert Masson

This bug will be fixed in

This bug will be fixed in version 7.14. Thanks.

Problem Saving Search Files


In 7.12 I was able to create searches and save them to a folder. Now in 7.13 I can create searches that work fine, but when I save them as a search folder (using the little camera icon) I cannot open, move or delete these new folders that are created. (The ones I made in 7.12 still function.) If I try to operate on the new search folders I get the messsage DBISAM Engine Error #11949 SQL error-End of Select expected, instead found "and"

The searches however worked fine and did not end with "and" or "or." Something seems to be happening when the search is saved as a folder. The Add Search Folder shows deleted folders so I wonder if this is related to the problem you mention below that will be addressed in 7.14. In any case, saving searches as folders no longer seems to work. It is a great feature by the way.

Dr. Robert Masson

I cannot reproduce this. Can

I cannot reproduce this. Can you give me a more detailed description? How the search is defined, etc. Thanks.


1. Create a search at the advanced search tab: Author contains Burke, Patrick.

2. Run the search by pressing the green arrow. Search shows the two records for Burke.

3. Press the camera icon to save the search as a folder.

4. Choose a name for the folder (Burke, or My Search Folder)

5. Folder now show up in left panel with other folders.

6. Try to do anything with that new folder and get an error message.

Rebuilding has not fixed this. As I mentioned, previous author folders which are larger and have other conditions still work. But I cannot do anything with the ones that I have tried creating today.


Dr. Robert Masson

This bug will be fixed in

This bug will be fixed in 7.14 release. Thanks.

Some issues with 7.13


1.      Installed updates and checked to make sure 7.13 was installed.

2.      Ran “rebuild database” to make sure it was ok. I also ran the “rebuild” several times after running into the following problems.

3.      Many notes appeared in the notes folder, that I had deleted the last weeks (often easily identified because they were named “test 1” etc.)

4.      Deleting notes now takes two steps (either those older ones or new ones).

a.       Delete the note (but it is not deleted from the notes folder).

b.      Then go to the deleted folder and finds it listed there as well.

c.       Then empty the deleted folder, it then get deleted from both the notes folder and the deleted folder. Otherwise the note is not delted from the notes folder.

5.      Changes to the font of a note still does not work correctly. After making changes, it appears to save the changes, and if one looks at the note in preview mode, one sees the changes, but if I reopen the note it reverts to 9 pt. and all special font characteristics (size, highlighting, etc. are removed).

6.      Some links to references of some of my notes were lost. (THIS IS SCARRY.) I will be able to reconstruct these.

7.      Still problems with creating notes from a reference using the “Create a Note Link” menu.

a.       The choice of folders continues to show folders that are not in my database (I deleted them some time ago). It does not show the tree and sub folders of my notes folder. It does however list the Notes folder itself.

b.      The new note does not show up in the notes folder in the notes module after I create it and save it. If, however, I find it and open it again from the “reference, notes tab” and save it a second time, then it does show up in the notes folder.

Sorry to report more problems. I appreciate your efforts to get these straightened out and was looking forward to the release of 7.13 for that reason.

For others reading this, I continue to think this a great program and once the bugs are worked out it will surpass the competition immensely. Even with these problems, it beats all the rest hands down!

Dr. Robert Masson


When creating a new note

When creating a new note from refrence window, deleted domain folders (not notes folder) are displayed. This bug will be fixed in 7.14 release. Thanks.

The deleted notes still show

The deleted notes still show bug was introduced in version 7.13. I have just made an updated 7.13 patch available. Please get it at The note font change bug is also fixed in this updated 7.13 release.

I cannot reproduce the lost links bug. I will try again with your database later.


Some things addressed others still problematic


Thanks. You got to that very quickly.

1.       With the updated 7.13 patch I am not having either of those bugs. Files are deleting as they are supposed to and I am able to change fonts.

2.      I have not been able to repeat the total loss of note links but something is still wrong. The links are not showing in the notes tab for some notes. In the database I sent look at the note:


  -*Rahner’s Balance



        “=”Rahner has not faced Hegel’s questions

The links tab at the bottom indicates no links. Go to links tab and it is empty too. Go to the note itself and you will find at the links tab a link to the source of the quote: Bradley, Denis J. M. "Religious Faith and the Mediation of Being: The Hegelian Dilemma in Rahner's Hearers of the Word." The Modern Schoolman  (1978): 127-146.3.     

  • Still problems with creating notes from a reference using the “Create a Note Link” menu
  • The choice of folders continues to show folders that are not in my database (I deleted them some time ago). It does not show the tree and sub folders of my notes folder. It does however list the Notes folder itself.
  • But the new note does show up in the notes folder. Unfortunately I cannot indicate a subfolder.

Dr. Robert Masson


The deleted domain folders

The deleted domain folders shown bug will be fixed in version 7.14 as I posted in another reply. I can also reproduce the links missing problem. The record editor window links tab still shows deleted links while the links tab in list view doesn't. This caused the confusion. In version 7.14, the record editor windows links tab will not show deleted links. Thanks.

Robert, can you zip all the

Robert, can you zip all the files under your database and email me the zip? It will help us fixing the bugs. Thanks.

Some additional information regarding the bib I sent


As I continue to work with the bibliography I sent this morning I have noticed some things that might help you.

1. When I create new notes, in the Notes Module, I have noticed that some categories are already checked. I cannot determine if these are categories of the last note I just made, or if they are coming from the note I had the cursor on when I selected the icon for New Note.

2. I have one category called "Is there any Saving God" and another category called "God". If I have both of those categories checked and then uncheck the cagegory "God", rather than remove "God" it removes the end of "Is there any Saving God" so that it become "Is there any Savin". I can see this at the bottom of the categories tabs and have verrified it by looking at the All Fields view of the note. I presume that this would through off the index, but when I do a "rebuild" it does not note any corruptions.

  • This only happens with the creation of new notes. If I go to a note that has been previously saved and check or uncheck the category God, I cannot duplicate the issue. But I can duplicate it if I create a new note and make the change.
  • If I click on the category "Is there any Saving God" the note with "Is there any Savin" does not show (which is what I would suspect).
  • Doing a rebuild does not detect any corruptions.

Dr. Robert Masson

1. Categories are inherited

1. Categories are inherited from the last selected record. At the top of categories tab, there is a clear button (Ctrl+J) if you don't want any category to be associated with the new record.

2. This bug will be fixed in 7.14 release. Thanks.

Patch did not fix this but work around is easy

The patch to 7.13 did not change this issue, but the problem is easy enough to work around for the time being.

Dr. Robert Masson