Biblioscape 7.12 release

Version 7.12 patch can be downloaded at Please quit Biblioscape first and unzip the downloaded file to your Biblioscape installation folder to replace the old files. Here is the list of bugs fixed and new features added in version 7.12.

  • Improvement: In notes module, when drag and drop selected text into word processor, rich text formatting will be preserved.
  • Bug fix: When creating a new database, the categories folder combo box is not refreshed for notes, tasks, and charts module.
  • Bug fix: In notes module, when clode the application in charts view, Biblioscape generates a "query_note not opened" error message.
  • New feature: In charts module chart editor, a new command "Copy as Picture" is added under "Edit" menu. It will copy the current chart as a picture in clipboard. You can then paste it to other applications.
  • New feature: In references module style editor, "Date Created" and "Date Modified" can now be formatted as a date in both short and long format.
  • New feature: In notes module, command "Word Count" is added.
  • Bug fix: In notes module, when drag and drop notes from one folder to another, notes table get index corruption.
  • New feature: Drag and drop support is added for tasks, charts, and categories. You can now drag items from above 3 modules from one folder to another.
  • Bug fix: In references module, when complex word like "Acsadi-Nemeskeri" is included in no case change word list, Biblioscape does not keep the case as is.
  • Improvement: A single click of an item in categories tab will retrieve all the records containing that category.
  • Bug fix: Line breaks in Ref_misc field is not preserved in style output.

problem double clicking on a reference already openned

1. Open a record from a reference folder.

2. Leave that record open and return to the reference folder.

3. If you forget that the record is already openned in its own window and double click on it again in the reference folder, rather than taking you to the open record, Biblioscape freezes. It has to be closed and reopenned.

Since it is easy to forget one has left a record open, that can be very annoying. Can it be fixed so you are taken to the open record?

More generally, should there be warning messages in other events related to records or notes that are already open, for example if you go to close biblioscape, forgetting that there is an open record, note, etc.

Dr. Robert Masson

I cannot reproduce this. If

I cannot reproduce this. If I double click an opened record, it will just open it again in another window. There may be an index corruption in your database. Please go to "File | Database | Rebuild Database". Then see if you can reproduce it. Thanks.

Rebuild did fix


Rebuilding did fix that. Thanks.


Dr. Robert Masson

links not deleted when note is deleted

1. Create a note on a reference from the notes tab on the right.

2. Save the reference. You now have both the note in the notes module and a link to the reference.

3. From the notes module, delete the note just created.

4. Open the reference again. The note is gone but the links tab continues to show a link to the note which has been deleted. The link can be removed using Edit/Remove links (but that should have been done automatically.) This happens even if the deleted folder has been emptied.

Dr. Robert Masson

I can reproduce this. This

I can reproduce this. This bug will be fixed in version 7.13. Thanks.

Delete does not work in notes tab

In the notes tab of a reference, the delete button does not function. Yields Error message: Access violation at address 004A206 in module 'Biblioscape.exe". Read of address 02B7BF08.

Dr. Robert Masson

I can reproduce this bug. It

I can reproduce this bug. It will be fixed in version 7.13 release. Thanks.

Rebuild does not fix


Rebuilding did not fix this completely. When I open the menu it still shows the phantom folders. It does not (like the sample database) show the tree structure of my notes folders. It only shows the main folder that is named "*Notes". It does appear to be saving new notes under the "*Notes" folder but there is no way to save notes under subfolders because they do not show.

I have saved some of the subfolders with different icons (e.g. Research Group, or Book) but I assume that this would not be the problem here.

Dr. Robert Masson

Robert, where is the "Create

Robert, where is the "Create a linked note" menu? We may looked at different things. Thanks.

Menu location

Open a reference in the reference folder.

Select the "Notes" tab on the right.

Select "New Note" at the top of the "Notes" tab.

A menu appears labeled "Create a Linke Note"

There is a panel labeled "Folder" on the left. I my case it lists my "*Notes" folder. It does not list any of the subfolders under "*Notes". It also lists lists an "Authors" folder which is a folder of saved searches of references which I have made. Then it lists three folders that I deleted several weeks ago.


Dr. Robert Masson

2nd issue when using the notes tab of a reference to create note

In The "Create a Linked Note" menu, the "note type" selected is not saved. The default no matter what appears to be the "yellow note" icon.

Dr. Robert Masson

This bug will be fixed in

This bug will be fixed in 7.13 release. Thanks.

Issue when using the notes tab of a reference to create note

The "Create a Linked Note" menu contains note folders that have been deleted and do not show in any other view. Sometimes new notes are saved to that phantom folder even when I higlighted the intended notes folder. (Since I also linked such notes to a category, I have been able to use the category tab to locate them and then drag them to my notes folder.)

Dr. Robert Masson

I cannot reproduce this.

I cannot reproduce this. Please do a "File | Database | Rebuild Database". Then see if you can still reproduce it. If this is the case, I am interested to know if you can reproduce the folder table index corruption. Thanks.

Categories module missing new note icons in categories tab

In the categories tab of the categories module the yellow notes icons display but none of the new custom icons (direct quote, etc.) display.

All reference icons display.

Dr. Robert Masson

Robert, this bug will be

Robert, this bug will be fixed in 7.13 release. Thanks.

Adding categories to notes problem


Although the problem I reported about 7.11 requiring a rebuild when notes are linked to categories is much better and biblioscape usually works as it is supposed to, I am still finding that sometimes the link is not recognized and/or I get an error message such as DBISAM engine Error #8965 Index page buffers corrupt in the table 'note'. This usually requires closing biblioscape with Task Manager and doing a database rebuild. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a pattern in what causes this and the error messages are not always the same. Fortuantely the database rebuild does seem to work.

Dr. Robert Masson

It is possible there is

It is possible there is still a bug in this part. Please let us know if you can reproduce it. Thanks.

changing font of notes


I cannot change the font size of notes in my notes module. When I open a note the font is set to 9 pt. If I change it to 11 pt and save, the next time I reopen the note it is in 9 pt again. Perhaps since we can change the zoom of notes this does not matter and it is not necessary to change the font size. But then why have the option to set font size?

Dr. Robert Masson

Robert, this bug is already

Robert, this bug is already fixed in 7.13 release. Thanks.

Browser Link Lost


In 7.11, I noticed that the link to the browser didn't work. I have to copy and paste the URL onto the browser (Firefox) before I can bring up the site (in this instance an online store of journal articles). I thought that it might have something to do with the version, but the same thing happens with 7.12. In Options, it shows Firefox as the default browser. Please advise.


Arthur, when you click the

Arthur, when you click the link what happens? Does IE start? What is the default browser of your Windows? Thanks.

Browser Link Lost


When I click the link, nothing happens. The default browser is Firefox, which has worked fine until recently. I have to copy and paste the URL onto the browser address window to get it to go to the website.



New categories in reference edit window

In 7.12, if I am in edit mode for a reference and go to the categories tab, I cannot create a new category or a new child category, although right clicking on the mouse presents me with apparent options to do this. I can only create new categories using the categories tab from the window that lists the references or from the category module.

Right clicking on the mouse in the categories tab of edit mode for a note does not even present the option to add new categories.

Dr. Robert Masson

popup menu for categories

popup menu for categories tab in record editor window will be added in version 7.13. Thanks.