Biblioscape 7.11 release

Version 7.11 patch can be downloaded at Please quit Biblioscape first and unzip the downloaded file to your Biblioscape installation folder to replace the old files. Here is the list of bugs fixed and new features added in version 7.11.

  • Bug fix: In References module, toggle mark command generate listindex(-1) error when more than one references are selected.
  • Bug fix: In References module, the elminate duplicates operation does not work correctly when it is used the second time during the same session.
  • Improvement: User can now double click a cross module search result to open it.
  • Bug fix: When a new chart is created in an empty folder, the background color is set to black by default.
  • Bug fix: The last change made to the categories tab is not saved when user click the Refresh button in categories tab.
  • Improvement: The attchement, URL launch buttons are added to the reference record window.
  • Improvement: For all modules, the number of links for the currently selected record is shown on the links tab caption if it is more than zero.
  • Bug fix: In notes module note editor window, if no reference is selected and user click command "Reference | Insert Temp Citation to Note", a "list out of bound" error will be generated.
  • Bug fix: When converting a database to version 7 format, Biblioscape will generate error message "Invalid field 'Categories' specified for the index Secx_Categories in the table 'bib'" if the old database has secondary index on field Categories of table "bib".

Instructions appreciated

Thanks. That works well.

Dr. Robert Masson

Question about Links Module for previously created records

In the "links module" of the "sample" or of a new 7.11 data base, links are shown for both "Link From Record" and "Link to Record". In a data base originally created in 6.6 and then converted to 7.11, information is given only under the "Link to Record". Under "Link From Record" all blanks in the column.

Get error message

Query-link:Field "Last_Post" not found

Dr. Robert Masson

"Link from record" field is

"Link from record" field is added in version 7. So old links created in earlier releases has no value in this field.

The "Last_post" field was added in version 5.1. That field is not in your database for some reason. You can email me the link_rec.* files.


Problem categorizing previously created notes in 7.11

Select several notes. Choose "Categories". Check a category for the selected notes and then choose "ADD".

Then under categories choose "Count". The selected notes do not show.

Go to the notes and open. The category is checked. Choose "save".

The note is still not added to the count (or found by selecting the category).

The only way to add to the count is to rebuild the database, which after this activity will say that database corruptions have been found. The categories generally are added and counted after this operation.

Dr. Robert Masson

Robert, this bug will be

Robert, this bug will be fixed in version 7.12. Thanks.

I cannot reproduce this. Can

I cannot reproduce this. Can you reproduce it? Thanks.

Yes I can reproduce


Yes I can reproduce this. Just tried it on my laptop and can also reproduce it there.

These are notes that I created in 6.5. I  do not seem to have any difficulty with notes created and saved in 7.11


Dr. Robert Masson

Do you mean you cannot

Do you mean you cannot reproduce the bug with notes created in 7.11, but it is reproducable with notes created in 6.5? If so, please zip all the files under your database folder and email me the zip. Thanks.

Applies only to notes created in 6.6

That is correct. I cannot reproduce the bug with notes created in 7.11. It only happens with notes created in 6.6. (I meant to say 6.6 yesterday).

I have discovered another problem that again applies only to my notes created in 6.6.

Edit a note created in 6.6. Select "All Fields" tab. Add a keyword. Use any of the available ways to "save". The new keyword is erased and not saved. If, however, I enter the keyword, go to the "Note" tab and then save ( or save & exit, etc.) the keyword is saved.

I will email a zip of the database.

Dr. Robert Masson

Given that there are various

Given that there are various bits and niggles involved in cross-version database conversions, would it be a strategically wise to export and re-import all references? ID numbers will have to change and Date Created too but this can be bearable if better stability will ensue.

 What’s the advice and are there any additional considerations to keep in mind?

Export-Import from one Biblioscape Database to another

How hard would it be to add import/export from one Bibliosape 7 database to another?

That way we could use version 7 for new records and notes with confidence that our old research can be added when the remaining bugs are cleaned up.

This would be a help even if it required separate operations for each module and even if some links had to be recreated.

In any case, it seems a real limitation that there is no way to transfer data or add data from one Bib 7 database to another. 


Dr. Robert Masson

All modules has "File |

All modules has "File | Import" and "File | Export" command in version 7.

Further instructions

I have figured out how to export/import references using the Biblioscape Tag File format, but it is not clear how to do the same for notes.

What export format should be selected? What import format should be selected? Can formatting of the notes preserved?

Dr. Robert Masson

For all other modules,

For all other modules, please use the import and export wizard. All notes formatting and graphics will be preserved. For more info, please go to