Biblioscape 7.1 release

Version 7.1 patch can be downloaded at Please quit Biblioscape first and unzip the downloaded file to your Biblioscape installation folder to replace the old files. Here is the list of bugs fixed and new features added in version 7.1.

  • Bug fix: In the Charts module, Create New Chart command does not work because the two links control on chart editor are connected to the same data source.
  • Bug fix: For both references module and notes module, when use Categorize command to classify records, the table index got corrupted.
  • Improvement: Folder edit box is removed from the "All Fields" tab of a note editor. User can change folder by using the combobox on the status bar.
  • Bug fix: When user choses 120 DPI for Windows display (large font), the row height on User Defined tab of references module is not calculated correctly.
  • Improvement: In tree structures, command label "Move ... Up" is now changed to "Move ... Left". The command will move the selected item one level higher in the tree structure.
  • Bug fix: When adding a new record, the last entered field text is not saved when saving the new record. For example, if the last entered text is Publisher, and user clicked Save button, the publisher data is not saved while all other data are saved.
  • Bug fix: In References module, when double click a category item to retrieve references, sorting references by clicking column header does not work.
  • Bug fix: In References module, when importing references with duplicate checking, a record is considered a duplicate and not imported if the same record is already in recycle bin.
  • Database: Link_parent_order field is added to the link_rec table.
  • Bug fix: When capture references using the built-in browser, the capture folder may be of the wrong type.
  • Bug fix: When capture references or web page, Biblioscape generate a memory error when user quits Biblioscape.
  • Bug fix: When rebuild database, Biblioscape generate access violation error when the second last opened record list has zero record.
  • Bug fix: Web capture save path is not saved correctly with Internet Explorer 7.