Biblioscape 7.02 release

Version 7.02 patch can be downloaded at Please quit Biblioscape first and unzip the downloaded file to your Biblioscape installation folder to replace the old files. Here is the list of bugs fixed and new features added in version 7.02.

  • Bug fix: In References module, when user marks a reference using the combo box on the toolbar, the last selected flag is used instead of the current selection.
  • Bug fix: When openning a remote database through BiblioRemote server, openning a folder becomes very slow becuase Biblioscape has to refresh records line by line. This is caused by colored category. It will be disabled when openning a remote database.
  • Bug fix: When open a remote database through BiblioRemote, if user right click a reference to categorize it, Biblioscape will generate error message "DBISAM Engine error #11010 Table 'Database_data\category.DAT' does not exist'.
  • New feature: Word Count command is added to the note editor window of the notes module, as well as the document field editor of the references module.
  • Bug fix: In Notes module, the right click command "Move note up" does work but the change does not refresh automatically.
  • Bug fix: On the Categories tab of the search pane, when user select a category folder without any category in it and click the Refresh button, Biblioscape will generate access violation error.
  • Bug fix: Deleted categories folder is shown in the drop down list on the categories tab of the search pane.
  • Improvement: When opening a database of older version, Biblioscape will give user an option to do the conversion now or later.
  • Improvement: For all the treeview controls in Biblioscape modules, hold down the control key and click a sorted column header will unsort the items and refresh the treeview in the unsorted order.
  • Bug fix: When drag and drop items in folder tree while holding down the Alt key, the operation will not function as designed. Instead, it will move all items in the folder tree under the dropped item.
  • Improvement: Field "Folder" is removed from display for live preview in categories module list view.
  • Improvement: A new "Default" button is added to the "Reference Types" tab on "Tools | Options" window. User can click it to download default reference types in zip format.
  • Bug fix: The changes made to folder view will be remembered between sessions.
  • Improvement: When creating a link, record ID plus title will be displayed in the link window's title bar.
  • Bug fix: When double click to open a linked record, there is no text in the record editor window.

Problem with categories

Something seems wrong with the "categories" function. Earlier I was able to categories (based on my old file structrue) many of my references. Now I find that while I can categorize a note or reference it does not get added to the count or show up when that category is selected.  The newly categorized items do not show up under the category even though going back to the reference or note shows a check mark next to the category.


Dr. Robert Masson

There are still a few bugs

There are still a few bugs in the categories module. Version 7.1 will be released soon to have those bugs fixed. Thanks.

Preparing folders for in ver 6 for transfer to ver 7

Since reference folders become categories in ver 7, it is a good idea to make sure that the folders in ver 6 have unique names. In ver 6 child folders under one heading can have the same name as child folders in another. This does not seem to be a good idea when these become categories. If a child categoy is moved in a heirarchy the result can be two categories with the same name


Dr. Robert Masson

sorting problem in Reference View Categories Search

In 7.2 in a Reference View in which a group of citations has been selected using the Categories search, the references cannot be sorted in the reference panel by author, title, etc.

Dr. Robert Masson

I can reproduce this bug. It

I can reproduce this bug. It will be fixed in version 7.1. Thanks.

Still getting DBISAM Category.DAT error in version 7.3

Hi Paul,

I'm still getting this DBISAM error 11010 Category.DAT error in Bib 7.3

This is when I am trying to run to access the database via BibRemote. It does not seem to matter whether the actual database is on a local machine or elsewhere on the network. For example, I get this error with the Bib7 client and BibRemote and the bsl all running on the same machine. When I access this database directly via calls to the bsl, without going through the BibRemote server, I don't get this error.

This is on Win XP SP2, all machines within a local network. Not traversing the firewall yet (that's next if I can get this bit fixed.)

When connecting to

When connecting to BiblioRemote server, how many records are in the current referece list when retrieved by a category? If you have another list with a small number of references (like 20), does the sorting work?