Biblioscape 7 release

Biblioscape 7 is available for download at Since the last beta release, 2 features are added. First, it can be run from an USB drive. It could be your iPod, MP3 player, keychain drive, etc. For more information, please go to Second, Direct Export is now fully supported. Any web based bibliographic database that supports EndNote Direct Export can work with Biblioscape too. There are also numerous bug fixes and minor improvements. After the initial release, more 7.x releases are expected for bug fixes and feature improvements.

Biblioscape 7 can be installed on all versions of Windows including Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, and Vista. You do not need to have admin privilege for installation. Users with any Windows account can install it as long as you unzip it to a folder that gives you the write privilege. For more information about Biblioscape installation, please go to Users have reported success running Biblioscape on 64 bit Windows, Linux WINE, and Mac VirtualPC, etc.

Biblioscape 7 online manual can be found at
A detailed description of new features can be found at

2 problems when importing a reference



I am testing BB 7.04.


First, I wished to test BB 7.04 vs BB 5.4 for a recurrent problem: the fact that the check for duplicates when importing references does not use fuzzy matching. The result is that, when we import a reference that is afterwards changed in the Authors field (for example because first names were not well formatted), and we re-import it, we create a duplicate. We thus now have a lot of duplicates, that we must manage... This feature does not seem to have been improved through the versions. Are improvements planned on this point?


Second, I realized that BB 7.04 has the following problem: if you import a reference that you delete, you can non longer import the same reference afterwards. I tried it with the filter ISI Web of Science Export Format.





Frederic, 1. Fuzzy duplicate

Frederic, 1. Fuzzy duplicate checking is slow and not precise. During import, user will not have a chance to look at the record and decide if it is a real duplicate. It will also slow down the import a lot. 2. When duplicate checking is tunred on, Biblioscape checks against deleted references as well. This bug will be fixed in 7.1 release. Thanks.

Re: Fuzzy Duplicate while importing

OK. Is there however a way to specify what is mean by checking (unfuzzy) duplicates while importing, by:

(i) having a way to specify the field that are checked to determine what is a duplicate; (e.g. removing title from these fields);


(ii) specifying inside specific fields or in general that certains caharcters are equivalent: e.g. lower case and upper case; as well as spaces between the initials of authors. 







Both things are not

Both things are not possible. Here is a get-around. You can disable duplicate checking during import. After imported, you can use fuzzy duplicate checking.

what's the difference between trial edition and registered?

what's the difference between evaluation/trial edition and registered edition? Is there a list of limitation on evaluation edition?

There is no difference

There is no difference between the two. The trial edition has all the features unlocked. Once registered, some features will be locked depend on the edition purchased.

Does it mean I can use trial

Does it mean I can use trial edition without any anxiety to my reference data?

If you decide to purchase

If you decide to purchase after the trial, there is no need to reinstall. If you don't want to purchase, please export your reference data before the trial ends. Thanks.

What's New?

Is there a comprehensive list of changes since v.6?

Looking at the trial version, page indicator in temporary citations has changed. This is an example of a silent (at least to me, sorry if I just missed the description) change that would impact the existing documents. Would be nice to be able to read about such changes before encountering the consequences.


Anna, a detailed description

Anna, a detailed description of new features can be found at There is no change in page indicator. It is still the @ sign. This feature was added in version 6. Thanks.

Thank you for pointing that

Thank you for pointing that out.

As for the indicator, I've always been using [Smith, K. 1992 (, pp. 45-47) #23] as advised in the documentation.

By the way, congratulations on the release.

That works too. It is the

That works too. It is the old way of doing it. It is static meaning what you entered is what you get. Since version 6, you can enter page number as "@45-47". In the output style, you can then specify how that page number should be formatted.

BSP7 Dropdown Menu


The problem that I mentioned in my email requesting a serial number for BSP7 is that the dropdown menu for "File" is blank. This also occurred when I tried to use the earlier beta version, which was one reason that I gave up trying to work with the beta. Since no one else seems to be troubled by this problem, I am wondering if it is something I have done. I regularly clear the registry with both PCTools' Registry Mechanic and Ray Geide's Reg Vac, if that information is of any use.




Arthur, Biblioscape stores

Arthur, Biblioscape stores its menu settings in registry (we may change this in future release). If you have other utility regular clears registry. That will cause a problem. Biblioscape 7 menu is stored under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER | Software | CG Information | Biblioscape 7 | MenuBars70". If you delete the entry "MenuBars70" Biblioscape will regenerate menus using the default. But you have to stop using the utility deleting registry regularly. Thanks.

Reply to Biblioscape Stores


Thanks. Will flag that registry entry to be left alone.



Since I purchased my copy of Biblioscape last year, and I am entitled to a free upgrade to Version 7, do I need to get a new password for the program once I install it? Or will the installer just overwrite my current Version 6 and not touch the registration status?

All customers who purchased

All customers who purchased after 2006-01-01 will get v7 as a free upgrade because v7 was schedules for 2006 originally. Yes, you need to get a new registration key. There is no need to uninstall the old version. You can just install v7 on a different folder. For more info about v7 installation, please go to

How to get the new key?


So how to get the registration key? Thanks.

How to get the new key?

Arthur R. Berg

Open Biblioscape;

click on Help in the toolbar along the top of the window;

click on About Biblioscape on the dropdown menu;

type (or Copy and Paste) the Machine ID into an email,

send the Machine ID (and your preferred User Name otherwise he will generate one) to:

asking for a registration key.

He will send you a reply similar to this in a day or so:

>Here is your new key:
>Your user name is: BergArthur
>Your serial number is: 0315C7xxxxxxxx



Open Biblioscape;

go back to Help on the menu bar and click on Register Biblioscape;

copy (exactly as they are case sensitive) or Cut and Paste both the

User Name and the Serial Number in the appropriate boxes and click on


Paul will correct me if I have got something wrong but this is the procedure

as I recall it.

Dr. Arthur R. Berg