Looking at upgrading -- Two questions

Hi Paul,

I am looking at upgrading to v.11 from v.8 (which I am still using because I really like its interface).

I have one question from my evaluation. Is there a way to force records to automatically open full-screen instead of in a minimized window? If not, can this feature be added in the next minor release (and when might that be?)? As it is, I have to move the window to be able to access the full-screen button, and then click that -- quite unnecessary and an interruption to my work flow if I am using my database heavily.

Also, I just discovered that the Abstract tab can be moved into a pane on the right-hand side of the screen. That makes a HUGE difference for me; that makes it more like v.8. However, it seems that this move must be made for every record that is opened or created. Is there a way to make that setting the default, and if not could that feature be provided in the next minor upgrade?