URL links to files on a network drive

Hello everybody, we recently installed BiblioWeb on a server. The existing URL links to the PDF files work in Biblioscape 10, but not with BiblioWeb. The URLs have a build like in this post: Firefox Compatablility and URL links to files to a network drive. It seems like BiblioWeb changes the URL and automatically inserts a WBR tag ('<wbr>' to column 50 in URL). However, through this WBR tag, the browser no longer finds the PDF-file. If I delete the characters '<wbr>' manually from the address bar after the call, the link works again. Apparently none of the browsers can interpret the WBR-tag: Tested with IE11, Firefox57 and Chrome64. The problem occurs both in the URL field and in the Attachment field.
Can we disable the WBR tag in any configuration file? Or are we basically doing something wrong?
Thanks, Christopher

Christopher, If you want to

Christopher, If you want to make the files specified in the attachment field to BiblioWeb users, the files should be under BiblioWeb or one of its sub-folders. If all your attachment files are under the "attachment" folder under your database folder, you can move your database folder or at least the "attachment" folder under the "BiblioWeb" folder.