Access database through ElevateDB Manager

Hi guys,
I lost my PC's configuration after several years going fine. I lost a setup connection between Biblioscape and the ElevateDB Manager. After such years, I don't remember the user and the password of the database. After reading the forum I tried Admin/DBAdmin but it didn't work. Can you guys please remember me the credentials to restore the connection. Thanks a lot.


Please zip all the files

Please zip all the files under your database folder and email me the zip or the URL to download it. I will try to restore your database. Paul

Great Service Support

Hi Paul .... just want to say that this is great service and support ... very few if any of the other suppliers would do this without a lot of fuss, and none would do it with first sorting out some sort of payment. This approach that is part of the reason I stay with Biblioscape. Thank you,