I bought a new portable computer DELL XPS 15
The display of the characters in biblioscape is very very small, even in the largest font possible. It is almost impossible to read.
However when the font is so enlarged, the panel in word has very big character size, which is almost unmanageable. Is there a way to sole this two problems?

The issue is caused by the

The issue is caused by the super high resolution monitors with a small size. Biblioscape is not DPI aware yet. So you have change the display scaling by go to the "Settings > System > Display > Change the scale and layout". In Biblioscape, go to the "Options" window "General" tab, and change the Change default user interface font name and size. You can find combination between these two settings that satisfy your needs. If you still cannot find a compromise, you can change the Windows resolution to 1920x1080 or a similar number that is specific for your monitor.