Error message on closing Biblioscape 11

In the reference list pane, a value for a column can be selected from a drop down menu, for example, “Year”. This displays the references for the selected year. But if Biblioscape is closed without clearing the selection, the following error message is displayed. “Access violation at address 004BA678 in module “Biblioscape.exe”- Read of address 00000048”.

I am running BS on Windows 10.

Same error

Hi Paul,

First, it is super nice to see you back again!

I obtain exactly the same error. This happens with an absolutely new installation of BS11 with the default database! If I don’t touch absolutely anything in the program or the database; just install BS11, run it and close it. At closing I obtain the same error.

I am running Win7 64 bit with a Russian locale.

May be this has something to

May be this has something to do with locale setting. If you change the setting from Russian to English, do you get the same error message? Thanks, Paul

Hi Paul, Sorry for the late

Hi Paul,

Sorry for the late response. I tried to change the locale, but the same error appears. Given that biblioscape is fully unicode, it will be strange if this would change anything.


Anton, I just cannot

Anton, I just cannot reproduce this problem. If you can reproduce it on another computer, please let me know a detailed description about how to reproduce it. Thanks, Paul

Hi Paul, I tried it with

Hi Paul,
I tried it with three additional computers at work, two with Win 7 64bit and one with Win 10 64bit. All produce the same error. Just install the program, run it and close, and the error will appear. Have you tried it on a 64bit windows? Other possibility that I can see is that we do not have the save version of biblioscape. I download mine from . Is this the correct one?

Error message B11

the problem remained with clearance of ant selection in ref. mode.
Also when reopening BS11 the options (such as font size) as to be reentered

If you still get Access

If you still get Access violation error each time you quit Biblioscape, please zip all the files under your database folder and email me the zip. Paul

Error message B11

I have the same problem while exit
I've change the database file but the problem remains

I get the same error message

I get the same error message when exit BS 11
On reentering I have to re change the options (such as fonts size).
I've tried to change the data base and get the same error

Do you have the reference

Do you have the reference list filtered before exiting as reported by RJS?

Error message B11

I did not filter the references

The original post reports

The original post reports when a reference list is filtered, Biblioscape will generate an error message when closed. If the reference list is not filtered, no error message is shown. I cannot reproduce this.

It's a coincident. I think

It's a coincident. I think the problem is caused by other issues. Please try again to see if you can reproduce this with another reference list.

Using another reference list

I have tried using another reference list and the same error message was displayed.

Some additional observations. If I deselect the selected column, the error message is still displayed each time I open BS and then close it. The error message is not displayed when I select a notes pane and close BS. But it returns when I use a reference list pane again.

Maybe I didn't understand

Maybe I didn't understand the original question. Do you mean when you filter a reference list by Year Biblioscape will generate an error message when you exit? I cannot reproduce this. Can you post a screenshot? Thanks, Paul


Yes, when I filter a reference list and leave the filter set when I exit. Here is the screenshot. I have reinstalled BS11, but I am still having the same problem.

That is what I tried. I just

That is what I tried. I just cannot reproduce this. Can anyone else reproduce this? Thanks, Paul