I have Biblioscape version 8. My computer fried, so I have a new one and my data is still safe. But, with for a new machine Biblioscape requires a new serial number, based on the new machine ID. Since Paul Chen is absent here and on email, my years of data are orphaned and inaccessible.

If someone here is running v.8, could you export my data if I send it to you?

Looks like I have no choice but to migrate my data over to Zotero, Endnote or Mendeley, or whatever. Recommendations? Which one has features most like this older Biblioscape version.

Hope you can help me!

Larry, the key has been sent

Larry, the key has been sent to you. Paul


Got it, Paul. Thanks again for your help.

I hadn't visited the forum for a long time. Going back in time through the "recent posts" link I see that you have been missed by many. I hope you are well; and if not, at least on the mend.

Best regards.

Thank you Larry!

Thank you Larry!

Sorry to hear that, Larry.

Sorry to hear that, Larry. Did you try to upgrade your data to a newer version, e.g. v9 or v10? Sure, anyway, I can export your data with v8 if you can. IMHO, no other application can beat the old v8, which is still my favorite. Hope it helps.