NOT SPAM! Can BS user please help - using capitals in book or article title for Biliography -

I am trying to format the Bibliography for my thesis.

The style used requires sentence format for book, article titles, etc. However, it also requires capitals for proper names. When I select sentence formatting in the style editing it works ok. But how do I go back and change proper names so that they are capitalized?

Getting a little urgent as I am about to submit the thesis.


(using BS 11)

Have understood the question

Have understood the question as a requirement for the authors to be produced in a capitalised format by the styles module. Am not sure about B.11 as ran out of testing usage, but in B.9 the styles module facilitates this – Look at the SIAM style to see an example.
It is simple to achieve – Style List, Edit, Book (or relevant ref type(s)) Authors template, Edit button, Font Style button and a range of options exist there.