Catalog vs References

I'm working on importing our company's library catalog into Biblioscape and discovered, that items in References and in Catalog are stored in separate tables. I imported a list of books into References and plan to copy them into Catalog later. My questions are:

1. I can copy records from References into Catalog with References\To Other Modules. If I edit records in Catalog, will they be updated in References? Is there a way to link Catalog records to corresponding records in References?

2. When new books/periodicals/etc. will be added directly into Catalog, how I can create corresponding records in References? Is there a way to automate this?

3. Is this true, that records from Library Catalog cannot be added into list of marked references in BiblioWeb?

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It may be a bad idea to

It may be a bad idea to store fields like Title, Authors, etc. in separate tables. We will see if it is possible to use the catalog table just store data related to a single copy while use the reference table to store all other data in future release.

1. There is no way to auto-update changes between the two modules. Unless we re-design the database structure in future release.

2. I suggest you add records in reference module first, then use the "Tools | To Other modules | Copy to catalog" command to copy it to catalog table.

3. Correct.