URL location not updating

Hi all,

I'm having real problems with the URL location not updating using the latest framework and the current adapt-pageIncompletePrompt extension. The extension used to work great.

Starting with a basic created course, if I click on 'Presentation Components', the page loads and the URL changes, but if I then click the 'back' button in the navigation bar and confirm the 'pageIncomplete' prompt, the menu screen loads but the URL stays at co-05. If I then refresh the browser I'm taken back to 'Presentation Components'.

Needless to say this is creating havoc with the navigation extensions I'm using (drawerPageNavigation & quickNav), and although I've not tried it yet, it seems likely it would do the same with LMS bookmarking.

It looks like pageIncompletePrompt uses router.js in the core folder to handle the navigation but that's a little too far out of my depth to start messing with.

Any help would be very gratefully received.

Thank You!!!

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