I think these numbers were poorly chosen, and says a lot about the current state-of-the-game for both servers. Remington may be more populated, but Nox's active end game community seems to win out against Remington's.

I think it'd be simply more fun if Nox's Progrest goal was 25,000,000. It's certainly not impossible, and it's also not free. It inspires us to work together, rather than hoard all the secrets and all the tactics.

Remington's server is having some problems still though, possibly in part due to language barriers? I can't really tell for sure. But I think they should have a cap of maybe 15 million. It's much more doable with the context of their community, and several people will need to work hard as it is.

What do you guys think? Is 25 million really too much to ask of Nox? Is Remington's 20m goal attainable? Ankama said they want our feedback, let's give it to them?

Thank You

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