Test Period Ended?

we are looking at trying out z/OS Connect EE with IMS Mobile. With regards to z/OS Connect EE open beta, I am confused about why on the one hand it is still downloadable and "advertised" on the z/OS Connect EE website, while on the other hand the license states that the Test Period ends at "the date on which IBM makes the Program commercially available". Now, 5655-CEE *is* orderable as a priced product. So IBM is still offering software for download and even advertises it, even though no one is allowed to use it?
I sense a discrepancy here. Appreciate if anyone can shed some light on this. If we chose to continue with our plan, it would sure be easier to just download a beta rather than going through our formal ordering processes. Although, at this point, I am not sure about the IMS Mobile part anyway.
Thank You

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