z/OS Connect EE Open Beta Install

We own RD&T SYSPLEX environment with two LPARs. We have tried out z/OS Connect v1.0 and z/OS Connect EE V2.0 in RD&T. To exploit new capabilities added part of z/OS Connect EE, We were advised by IBM support, to install Open BETA in addition to existing z/OS Connect EE V 2.0..
While going through INSTALL requirements for z/OS Connect EE V2.0 Open beta, It is mentioned that it uses same libraries as EE V2.0 and recommended to install in a different LPAR..
In our SYSPLEX configuration, LIbraries, FileSystems etc., are common and shared.. So, If we decided to retain existing z/OS Connect EE 2.0 and also want to install z/OS Connect EE Open Beta what is the best approach to adopt..
Refer to attached doc. that gives the excerpt on z/OS Connect Open Beta install requirements.
Thank You

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References https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/forums/html/topic?id=ec55db...

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