Problem with my payment module

hello everybody

I am new to drupal and i want to add a payment method on my ecommerce website (commerce kickstart on drupal 7). Somoene told me that i have to write a payment module. What i tried to do.

The problem is that after instalation, my payment method doesn't appear on payments methods on drupal administration page.

this is what i am trying to do: colect some informations about the order (order id, order total amount, custumer name) and post them to an external page.

I refer to commerce_paypal_wps.module and commerce_atos_payment.module to write the following code:


* @file
* Implements Mobile Money Standard in Drupal Commerce checkout.

* Implements hook_commerce_payment_method_info().
function commerce_mobile_money_commerce_payment_method_info() {
$payment_methods = array();

I am sure that there is an error somewhere but not realy know where.

My module folder just have two file (mobile_money_payment.module and and one one image folder.

Please help...

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.
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