PLEASE allow option to disable 'crowd sounds'.

For the love of the Twelve, I can't take the screaming and yelling that's inescapable in the East Shroud... I'm sick of hearing the loud mumblings every time I approach the market board. It was novel at first, but now it just annoys me.
For one, it's too loud, and then also in some story-focused areas it totally ruins the mood of the story. I'm watching cutscenes of something dramatic, and it sounds like I'm on a crowded banquet hall.
I'd like the be able to turn down JUST the volume of these sounds and no others, and/or outright mute them.
And please don't say 'just mute ambient sounds'. I want to hear the birds and the crickets and the wolves and the wind... I just don't want to hear the incessant SCREAMS every time I get near 5 or more people

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