armoury bonus nor FATE equivalent for DoH or DoL jobs?

Am I wrong or is there no armoury bonus nor FATE equivalent for DoL or DoH jobs? The survival manual available at the Grand Company quartermaster offers a 50% bonus which is a bonus not available to DoW jobs, but it only lasts for 40k exp. That's the closest thing that I can think of for any DoH/DoL armoury bonus.
I've been stockpiling all of my levequests and I've got 78 now. However, I'm not using them until they're maxed out and then I'll slowly feed them into my crafting jobs in an effort to get the most out of them. Seeing how there doesn't seem to be any other way to boost a crafting jobs aside from the crafting log, levequests, and the +50% experience book from your GC, this seems to be the best way that I can think of to level.

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