MS Word Macro problem

I am having problems shooting citations from Biblioscape 6.6 to MS Word (2003).  It worked for a while, but now when I try, Visual Basic comes up and I get the following message:

"Compile Error:

Ambiguous name detected: TmpDDE"

I have tried reinstalling "" to C:\Documents and Settings\Nicolai Petro\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP, but nothing changes.

I don't know what to do about this. Any suggestions?

This problem is hard to

This problem is hard to diagnose. If you have access to another machine, can you copy the exact same file to the other machine to see if things work? I think the problem is related to other scripts installed on your machine. Thanks.

This problem can be solved

This problem can be solved by deleting the macro tmpDDE. For detailed instruction, pelase visit

I encountered the same

I encountered the same problem with formatting/unformatting from within Microsoft Word. Deleting the tmpDDE macro cured the problem. The Microsoft website Paul refers to above gives two fixes; the first one didn't show up any tmpDDE macros, but the second fix (renaming any "" files -- for Word 2007, it's "normal.dotm") worked fine.