B11 - problems and ideas

Hi Paul,

I had been using Biblioscape up to some years ago. One point I really loved are the links between references both the automatic links (e. g. same author) and the user links (e.g. "cited by"). Then I was switching to Zotero because I can use it portable. But I has been looking some times to the development of Biblioscape. Now I has found the B11 beta and like to give some feedback.

  • I extracted the file bsp11.exe to a local directory and do run the program without installation. It seems to work. But I'd prefer a portable installer, e.g. as of https://portableapps.com.
  • If I do stop the program I get the warning "Access violation at address 004BA678 in modul 'Biblioscape.exe'. Read of address 00000048.".
  • I do use a new reference type for posts in forums. How can I set a symbol to it? Actually the reference type column in reference modul is blank.
  • I'd prefer a German interface of the program. Is there a way to translate the strings?
  • I've customized the columns in the references list. It's hard to manage in my opinion. Small columns are hard to grab from the columns header because the filter pop's up. To add additional columns I've to use the options dialog not the customization dialog. It's an unnecessary split.
  • How can I write/customize a "capture references" for a web site I do use often?
  • Even I deleted the entry names for year, volume, number, start page, end page, DOI the corresponding entries are shown in black in the edit tab of the references.
  • How can I add / customize new bibliographic styles e.g. using the csl style language?